Editorial board

The editorial board of Consultancy.africa on a daily basis posts articles on the latest developments in Africa's consulting industry. This includes trends and updates in the regional advisory and consultancy landscape, as well as publications, projects and research reports of consulting firms across 60+ industries and functional areas.

Consultancy.africa also regularly interviews professionals active in the consulting industry, from junior consultants to (senior) partners.

Meet the editorial team at Consultancy.africa:

  • Aftab Bose
    Editor-in-Chief of Consultancy.africa. Main point of contact for news and oversees the content for the India platform.
    Contact: aftab@consultancy.co.za

  • Larry Zeenny
    Editor-in-Chief of Consultancy.org. Responsible for the global network of platforms, market research and partnerships.
    Contact: larry@consultancy.co.za

  • Ronnie Boogaard
    Reporter. Responsible for Asia-based content posted on Consultancy.africa.
    Contact: ronnie@consultancy.co.za

  • Jack Brinded
    Reporter. Responsible for Europe-based content posted on Consultancy.africa.
    Email: jack@consultancy.co.za

  • Erik van Zwol
    Reporter. Covers international content, research and white papers posted on Consultancy.africa.
    Email: erik@consultancy.co.za

The editorial board can be contacted individually by email or through the contact form. To have a personal discussion with our editors, call our international office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (0031 20 3636 299).

About us

Consultancy.africa is member of Consultancy.org, an international network of consulting platforms with a presence on six continents. Find out more about our heritage and global presence on the About us page.