Jacqueline Jumah to take over as Managing Director at Intermarc Consulting

15 October 2018 Consultancy.africa 2 min. read

Intermarc Consulting has made the decision to reorient its operations to further focus on digital financial services, to which end it has made a new appointment to the position of Managing Director. A specialist in digital financial services, Jacqueline Jumah will now take the reins at the firm. 

Conceptualised as an “integrated alliance” of consulting firms, Intermarc Consulting offers a number of services spanning a range of domains. The firm’s suite of services can broadly be categorised into the themes of capacity building, events & conferences, e-business research services, and general consulting.

However, given its situation in the Nigerian market, the firm has recently made the decision to focus specifically on serving the financial services sector by assisting with digital integration. These services cover solutions in e-banking as well as inter-mediation services in the e-payment domain.Jacqueline Jumah to take over as Managing Director at Intermarc ConsultingA combination of a large population with an expanding base of digital access has made Nigeria a lucrative market for e-banking, particularly as the market is relatively untapped at the moment. A number of firms have thus been working on developing FinTech solutions to assist with digital banking in the country. 

In order to assist with this integration process, Intermarc Consulting has now brought on board and experienced professional in the digital financial services domain, Jacqueline Jumah, who will take over as the Managing Director of the firm.

Jumah holds a Masters in Finance and Banking, and began her professional career at the Gulf African Bank, where she spent over three years as a Product Development Officer. She then entered the managerial level through a role as Product Development Manager for Retail Banking at the United Bank for Africa.

Jumah then moved briefly from Nigeria to Kenya, where she was the Project Manager for Mobile Banking & Remittance Products at Mobiconnect, and subsequently moved back to Nigeria to take up the position of Senior Analyst for Digital Financial Services at financial services consulting firm MicroSave.