Alpha-Beta Consulting unveils plans for international expansion in Africa

16 January 2019

Lagos-based management consultancy Alpha-Beta Consulting has announced its intentions for an international expansion of service offerings, based on strong economic performance. Specifically, the firm will expand into Sierra Leone, in addition to Ghana where it has already established a presence.

Alpha-Beta Consulting is diverse in its service offerings, ranging from project, scope and fixed assets management to software development and database maintenance. The firm also delves in audits and reviews, in addition to its suite of training and support services in the technology domain.

The firm recently conducted an independent evaluation of its economic performance, which revealed the fiscal room and feasibility of expanding its operations beyond Africa’s largest economy. Acting on this revelation, the firm has devised plans to expand into Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Alpha-Beta Consulting unveils plans for international expansion in Africa

Prior to these plans of international expansion, the firm has already announced intentions to enhance its infrastructure by 2019, which it will use to service its expansive pool of clients that extend across the Nigerian state of Abia, Imo, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Sokoto, Kano, Plateau and Nasarawa. 

Commenting on the plans, a statement from the firm read, “Our efforts elevated Lagos Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) 55 folds from 600 million Naira monthly average to N33billion monthly since 2001. Our services had enabled rapid development and improved social services provision.”

The statement refers to the firm’s expertise in the domain of revenue generation and maximization, in addition to its proficiency in the Fintech domain. The firm has recently developed the Electronic Banking and Internal Controlled Revenue Enhancing System, allowing it to compete in Nigeria’s expanding Fintech environment.

“Our international standard – compliant processes, procedures and practices coupled with our un-rivaled performances have continuously endeared us to our clients,” added the firm. Alpha-Beta Consulting’s Ghana operation is already up and running, and the Sierra Leone practice is intended to follow closely.

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Enwealth Financial Services makes strategic entry into Ugandan market

07 March 2019

Nairobi-based pension consultancy Enwealth Financial Services has launched an operation in the Eastern African nation of Uganda, having obtained an operation license from the Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority (URBRA), the legal body in charge of the establishment.

East Africa is an increasingly lucrative region for investment, and economies in the region are increasingly intertwining. Enwealth’s latest foray into the Ugandan market is symbolic of this interconnvectivity, and representative of a broader trend of concern around pernsion and retirement plans in these economies.

Reports in recent times have indicated that in the current context of financial planning, nearly 80% of the current population in working age in Kenya risk sinking into poverty upon retirement. As a result, Enwealth has found itself in a steady stream of business, as professionals look to rectify this scenario.

Enwealth Financial Services makes strategic entry into Ugandan market

Enwealth focuses on financial and retirement planning, and offers a wide range of services including scheme administration services, training and consulting services in the retirement benefits domain. The firm also offers advisory services in the insurance and brokerage domain and support with property and real estate planning.

The firm – which currently handles financial assets of more than Sh 2 trillion in Kenya – will now offer its services in the Ugandan market, where it will operate in collaboration with several other pension administrators. The entry into the market is made possible due to regulatory clearance that the firm has obtained from URBRA.

Alongside the expansion into new markets, the firm is also looking to generate a more innovative approach to financial services and planning, a trend that is increasingly prominent across the African market. Digital integration will be the platform through which it hopes to attain these goals.

Commenting on the expansion, Chairman and Board of Directors at the firm Nelson Kuria said, “We are passionate about value proposition. We have done visibility studies to inform sustainability of our business. Our products and services are driven by research. Our driving force is a long term perspective; we have confidence in Uganda’s economy which has potential to grow."