Mali looks for consulting support to ensure compliance with international standards

29 January 2019

Having obtained a loan from the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) arm for the Rural Electrification Hybrid System Project (SHER), the government of Mali has made the decision to deploy some of the funds towards hiring consultants to ensure compliance.

SHER was first approved in the IDA in 2013, and is designed with the objective of promoting connectivity in Mali’s rural areas. The project not only focuses on increasing access to electricity in these areas, but also works to ensure that this energy is generated through renewable means.

To this end, mini-grids across the country are undergoing expansion and improvement efforts, and the additional capacity is being provided through hybrid systems including solar panels and batteries. The project is aimed at facilitating economic growth and has received widespread recognition for its focus of renewable forms.

Mali looks for consulting support to ensure compliance with international standards

Mali has even been selected to be the first country to implement the Renewable Energy Valuation on a Large Scale programme, organised by the Climate Investment Fund. The hybrid sections of the programme are implemented by the Malian Agency for the Development of Domestic Energy and Rural Electrification (AMADER).

AMADER is now on the lookout for consulting support, primarily to ensure that the large volume of contractors and operators being recruited for the project operate in compliance with international standards, both in technical and in environmental terms.

Compliance is of essence for this project, particularly as it relies on funding from the World Bank, which operates with strict guidelines with respect to international standards. Companies that operate on any project funded by the World Bank must, therefore, operate within its stipulated laws.

The profile of consulting firm being sought leans heavily towards the domain of environmental regulations, with expertise and experience in working on developmental projects of international standards. Many such consulting firms are currently active across Africa, given the flurry of developmental activity currently underway on the continent.

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KPMG Botswana appoints first ever female Partner as Managing Partner

22 April 2019

Global professional services firm KPMG has appointed a new Managing Partner for its Botswana practice. Gosego Motsamai, who is the first female Partner at KPMG Botswana, will take the helm of the practice with immediate effect with hopes of growing the firm’s presence in the country.

Motsamai holds a degree in accounting and commerce from the University of Botswana, and has been inducted into the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She is also a Certifies Internal Auditor form the Institute of Internal Auditors, which has led promising career in the auditing and advisory space.

She began her career at Big Four accounting and advisory firm Deloitte in Botswana, where she remained for over three years as an Audit Assistant. She joined KPMG Botswana in 1998 as an Audit Traineee, and made her way up to the position of Audit Senior over a four-year spell.

KPMG Botswana appoints first ever female Partner as Managing Partner

Motsamai has remained at KPMG ever since, and rose from the rank of Audit Supervisor to Senior Manager for the Advisory division. In 2012, she was appointed the Associate Director of the firm’s Advisory division, and she finally ascended to the position of Partner four years ago in 2014.

She now reaches the pinnacle of her career as the Managing Partner at KPMG Botswana. The announcement was made by Chairman of KPMG Southern Africa Wiseman Nkuhlu on Friday, and will be effective immediately. Among the Big Four firms in Botswana, Motsamai is one of only two female executives at Partner level, and her promotion comes at a time when gender balance is a central debate across Africa.

Nkuhlu has described her as a devoted professional, who has been looking to advance the advisory profession across Botswana by promoting higher standards across the business environment. She is known for her support and mentorship of young professionals who come through the chartered accountancy ranks.

She said of her appointment, “As chairman, I am proud to make this announcement and am certain that under Gosego's leadership, we will see KPMG Botswana continue to be a leading professional services firm in the country. I look forward to working with the team and lead KPMG through these challenging times as we look to rebuild trust and become the clear choice.”