Iris Irumva Lasry appointed Country Manager for ITM Africa in Rwanda

01 February 2019 2 min. read
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Rwanda-based pan-African HR consultancy ITM Africa has appointed a new Country Manager for its operations. Former HR executive at UN Migration Iris Irumva Lasry will take over from incumbent Country Manager Lys Mwiza with the objective of leading the company through its period of excess demand.

Lasry holds a bachelors in Leadership & Management, and has completed an MBA in Human Resources Management from the Oklahoma Christian University. She began her career as a Recruitment Officer at U-Com in Burundi, subsequently made her way up the ranks of the firm.

She eventually ended her spell at U-Com as a Senior Assistant for the Human Resources division and an Administrative Director. She left U-Com Burundi to join the International Organisation for Migration – part of UN Migration – where she worked for less than a year in its HR department.

Lasry holds entrepreneurial experience as well, having co-founded Agence Esther in 2011. She joined ITM Africa in Rwanda in May last year and has rapidly made her way up the ladder, having started as a Talent Acquisition Manager at the firm, and eventually being appointed Acting Country Manager in November last year. 

Iris Irumva Lasry appointed Country Manager for ITM Africa in Rwanda

Two months later, she has been appointed the Managing Director and Country Manager at ITM Africa, having successfully completed the transition from former Country Manager Lys Mwiza, who will now work at the group level.

ITM Africa was founded in 2011 as a consulting firm in the HR domain, and has since expanded in its geographical scope to operate in South Africa and Angola as well. The firm’s suite of services includes support with recruitment, soft skills training, logistics and procurement as well as technical training.

Such services appear to be growing in demand across the most prominent economies in Africa, primarily as the continent begins to gravitate towards more innovative and professional approaches to economic growth. HR consultancies across the continent, therefore, have found themselves in a stream of business.

Lasry’s appointment is an attempt to prepare ITM Africa for growth of this nature, in addition to equipping it with the capabilities required for the expanding scope of services being demanded, which include talent acquisition, capacity building and payroll management. Lasry’s body of experience aligns well with these new service lines.