Mactay Consulting wins SAP education partnership in West Africa

29 December 2017 2 min. read

Nigeria-based Mactay Consulting has officially been declared the Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) education partner in West Africa. The partnership aims to localize SAP resources in Nigeria, and make the country a hub of sorts for SAP training across Western Africa.

Founded in Germany in 1972, SAP is a software firm with a specialisation in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) domain. In essence, ERP solutions provide an integrative framework to manage a number of functions in an organisation, including inventory management, accounting, human resources, customer relations, and others.

SAP ensures that such functions are streamlined across an entire organisation, primarily through a shared database, capable of supporting multiple functions. The common database not only allows for employees in various departments to access specific information, but also sidesteps the need to manually merge spreadsheets for comprehensive reports.

SAP Salary snapshot 2016

A number of firms across the world have begun to adopt the SAP framework, causing a rapid spread of the software. Consequently, the demand for professionals who are familiar with the software and its functions has spiked across the world. This is primarily because of the requirement of these skills across all segments and management levels in a business.

Therefore, a number of SAP certification courses have emerged, which provide employees with the skills required to master the ERP system, particularly across emerging markets. One such market is that of Nigeria, and more broadly, Western Africa. Africa is due for rapid economic expansion, particularly in the digital arena, forecasted to surpass 1 billion mobile internet connections by 2022.

One major part of the region’s economic growth in the future will be its expanding labour force, which is set to become the largest in the world in coming decades. Training and knowledge in SAP will boost the value of this labour-force manifold as the software picks up momentum globally.

Benefits of Being SAP Certified

Mactay consulting, a Lagos-based consulting firm, has now won a contract to tap into this promising market. The firm has won the title of official partner for SAP in the entire region of West Africa. Founded in 1982 in Nigeria, Mactay consulting provides HR services to a number of firms across Africa.

Commenting on the partnership, Managing Director of Mactay, Elizabeth Rotmi said, “”We have been working towards bringing SAP closer to us. This partnership is not only beneficial to professionals but to the Nigerian economy. As this increases the value of our currency; prospective and existing SAP users do not need to travel out of Nigeria spending a lot of money to get trained. We are now available to provide more with fewer expenses.”