Phillips Consulting launches webinar series for Industry 4.0 training

11 March 2019 2 min. read

Nigerian management consulting giant Phillips Consulting is continuing its efforts to encourage familiarity with innovative Industry 4.0 technologies, this time through the launch of a webinar series that is designed to inform firms across the country about the latest advancements.

Much like the rest of Africa and the world, the Nigerian economy is being hit by the wave of digital disruption, brought about by the advent of Industry 4.0 technology such as automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics and Internet of Things. The onus is now on the business environment to catch up with these developments.

The focus has been on young entrepreneurs as well as small and medium enterprises to drive this growth and transformation in the economy in line with digitalisation. As a result, a number of public and private institutions have engaged in training professionals in the country in the latest developments.

Phillips Consulting launches webinar series for Industry 4.0 training

Phillips Consulting has been among the firms most active in this arena, given  that its suite of services includes the provision of training and education services. The firm has repeatedly emphasised the need for constant growth, innovation and transformation for the development of a business.

To this end, the firm conducts a number of training initiatives, the latest of which is a webinar series that is designed to offer information on the latest that technology has to offer the business environment. The focus is on innovation, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

The webinars will cover 12 key topics in the domain of technology, revolving around themes that are having a significant impact on organisations across the globe. The sessions will include case studies of successful digital transformations and indications of why they are crucial in the contemporary environment.

The initiative is also indicative of another trend in Nigeria, namely the dissemination of training and education programmes via digital platforms. A senior consultant at PwC Nigeria recently created four WhatsApp groups designed specifically to offer training to young professionals across the country.