Liaison launches its umbrella fund for retirement planning services in Uganda

19 March 2019 2 min. read
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Kenya-based pan-African financial services and advisory firm Liaison is looking to tap into the Ugandan market for retirement services through the launch of its Liaison Umbrella firm in the country. The fund will fall under the regulatory stipulations of the Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority (URBRA).

Liaison was founded in Kenya in 1981, and has since grown to operate across the economically expanding region of East Africa, with operations in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. The firm offers a wide variety of financial services, including risk management, insurance broking, and healthcare administration.

The firm also offers support with human capital benefits administration as well as pension administration, which are increasingly in demand in Kenya and across East Africa. While the median age across the continent is significantly young, recent reports have revealed that the current working age population – at least in Kenya – lacks the financial plans to carry them through retirement.

Liaison launches its umbrella fund for retirement planning services in Uganda

As a result, a number of people in the region risk sinking into poverty when they retire, which has caused a spike in the demand for advisory services in the pension and retirement domain. Liaison is now looking to offer these services in Uganda through its Liaison Umbrella fund.

The new fund allows for the tailoring and customisation of retirement plans, which are designed to ensure complete financial independence upon retirement. The umbrella fund is also in tune with latest trends, and can be easily accessed in real time on any digital platform. 

The move into Uganda comes just after another Kenyan financial advisory firm – Enwealth Financial Services – entered the Ugandan market with the specific objective of providing retirement solutions. Commenting on the move, Head of Pension at Liaison Patricia Akot said, “the Fund takes care of the individual’s retirement planning under the supervision of a skilled, passionate and professional team.”

“Our aim is to ensure that individuals focus on their core business, and look forward to retirement with the knowledge that their money is safe and working for them. We are committed to being the preferred and leading risk, insurance, pension and investment consultants in Africa. Over the years, we have deepened our presence and service in Uganda. Liaison stands as the oldest pension scheme administrator in the market, having been present in Uganda since 1997,” she added.