Deloitte wins two-month contract to audit IT systems for Kenya Power

23 May 2019 2 min. read
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Global professional services firm Deloitte has won its second contract with Kenya Power this year, having been tasked with auditing the power distribution agency’s IT systems. The new contract involves nearly two months of thorough auditing, and is worth in excess of Sh18 million.

In January, Kenya Power enlisted the services of Deloitte to help with a comprehensive restructuring plan, involving improvements to the overall corporate governance mechanisms within the organisation. Specifically, the agency was looking to enhance its customer response capabilities.

The contract was worth nearly Sh60 million, and the Big Four accounting and advisory firm is now set to receive another Sh18 million from Kenya Power to conduct an audit of its IT systems. The audit is expected to be ”comprehensive and independent, and will last for a period of 60 days.

Deloitte wins two-month contract to audit IT systems for Kenya Power

As Kenya looks to develop its energy capacity to meet the needs of a growing economy, Kenya Power has been particularly active in its efforts to enhance its capabilities. The agency is currently engaged in a six-year project with USAID to boost its power generation capacity by as much as 500 megawatts.

To help support this expansion, the firm enlisted the services of global technology consultancy Indra last year to add digital capabilities at each stage of its distribution process, with the objective of optimising its supply. Deloitte will now audit some of these IT systems that have been put in place.

“The consultant is expected to provide an independent assurance on the KPLC (Kenya Power ICT systems by undertaking a ‘top-to-bottom’ audit that will reassess the functional scope, compatibility and capabilities of these systems,” said a statement from Kenya Power.

“The specific objectives for the engagement include ascertaining whether the company is getting maximum benefits out of the ICT investments thus far undertaken and has received optimal value for money on the ICT investments,” it added. Deloitte, alongside the other Big Four accounting and advisory firms, has been particularly successful with government contracts in Kenya over the last year, having cumulatively raked in over Sh180 million.