WestBlue Consulting establishes library in Accra to support child literacy

09 August 2019 Consultancy.africa 3 min. read
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As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, WestBlue Consulting has opened the e-Ananse library in Accra, which has been established to strengthen the cultural roots amongst children in Ghana. The library will serve the dual purpose of imparting literacy and cultural familiarity.

Children will be taught about Ghana’s Kwaku Ananse ancient folklore, through which they will learn to read and write. Literacy amongst Ghana’s youth is the library’s primary objective, while cultural indoctrination comes as an additional benefit. The library will also be equipped with reading material for adults.

Ghana is looking to build a strong foundation to contribute to the West African, continental and global economies. Part of this process is enabling local businesses to thrive and innovate – thereby securing economic growth in the near future – while another part is to develop a talented workforce of the future.

Education at a primary level is crucial for this, which has led many to examine the curriculum being designed by the education ministry in Ghana, and work towards improving the quality. WestBlue Consulting has rapidly emerged as a vocal contributor to the evolution of Ghana’s economy.

WestBlue Consulting establishes library in Accra to support child literacy

Emphasis on the digital sphere is one recommendation that has come from WestBlue, as is  an increase in collaboration between the public and the private sector in the country. This latest CSR initiative will make a significant contribution to education Ghana.

“The libraries located in Osu and Legon have books for Africans and people with African descent. As a company, we believe that Africans can do whatever they can and need to expose children to our culture. We need to inculcate the habit of reading and positive thinking into children so they do not drift away,” commented Kingsley Abeyieh, General Manager of WestBlue Consulting, at the opening of the Osu library.

Sylvia Arthur, Project Consultant at WestBlue Consulting commented, “This is a whole new concept in libraries in Ghana and it's unique because of content as the books are predominantly of African descent. There's a comprehensive programme where kids would read under the library's hut and learn with assistance from trained professionals to help children read and understand.”

“Each library has a unique focus on African heritage and identity, both in its design and its contents, serving as a cultural heritage centre based on our African folklore storytelling tradition in which stories come alive. Our vision is to make a major contribution to developing a literate society by creating an environment in which Ghanaians feel supported and inspired to be more literate individuals through the introduction of e-Ananse libraries across the country,” she added.