Deloitte named best company to work for in Nigeria

05 September 2019 2 min. read

Big Four accounting and advisory firm Deloitte has been named by Great Place to Work as the Best Company to Work for in Nigeria for this year. Deloitte was given the award for the second time in five years, in addition to taking the top spot in two other domains in the ‘Large Organisations’ category.

The consulting industry in general performed well in the Great Place to Work awards for this year. Fellow Big Four firm PwC also received recognition in the Nigerian market as the Best Place to Work for Women, while placing in second in the Best Place to Work in Africa category.

Deloitte took the top spot for Nigeria, in addition to winning the Best Practice Awards in Nigeria for having the ‘Best Quality of Life’ and ‘The Most Fun and Friendly Workplace,’ specifically among large organisations. Great Place to Work is an analytics and consulting firm that examines such dimensions of a business’ operations as a potential area of significant improvement.

Deloitte named best company to work for in Nigeria

In addition to running a global operation, the firm has been particularly active in the Nigerian market recently, declaring its intentions to partner with local Nigerian firms to introduce global best practices in the country, particularly in the domain of workplace atmosphere.

The consultancy conducts detailed analysis of firms across its focus countries in order to select winners in various categories. Most firms are assessed based on a Trust Index and a Culture Audit Survey, which examine aspects of an organisation such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

Deloitte performed particularly well across all these metrics, as did PwC, giving them the top spots in a number of categories. The Big Four firm has been examining Nigeria’s economic growth, and has established a strong foothold in the economy, which appears to be stabilising and on the path for growth.

“Deloitte is consistently working on ways to ensure that the work place is conducive and friendly for nurturing talents,” commented CEO at Deloitte West Africa Fatai Folarin on the recognition received by the firm. He also reiterated how crucial a good workplace atmosphere is for organisational welfare.