Aurecon Africa to break off from the firm's global outfit

30 October 2019 2 min. read
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The African arm of global engineering consultancy Aurecon has asked to be independent from the firm’s global practice, and this request has been granted by the group. The move is aimed at enhancing the ease of global operations, while meeting the specific needs of individual African markets. 

Africa’s infrastructure landscape is in a period of high dynamism currently. Where several economies on the continent have suffered from a lack of infrastructure financing over the last few decades, investments are now pouring in to ensure that the continent is well developed and well connected.

One trend that professionals at Aurecon have noticed is that the development landscape in Africa is a unique one. Experts have long commented on the diversity and individuality of each African market. Many projects within the African context have been designed with specific knowledge of local conditions in mind, leaving little room for international expertise and best practices.

Aurecon Africa to break off from the firm's global outfit

As a result, the Aurecon Africa team proposed a demerger from the global outfit, which has received significant support. Provided that the move receives the regulatory go ahead, the two entities will operate a distinct units as of the 1st of January next year. 

“Since its creation 10 years ago, the Aurecon business has provided outstanding service to clients, great experience and development for its people, contributed to its communities and grown. In recent years, conditions in Africa have changed. Global models are no longer considered an advantage with clients in Africa focusing instead on supporting and working with smaller local firms,” said Arecon CEO William Cox.

“The overwhelming vote in favour of the separation reflects the collective belief of Aurecon’s owners that the separation of the Africa business from the overall group is in the best interests of both businesses.,” he added.

Aurecon has a number of international design centres spread across Africa. According to the firm, these centres will continue to be operational, while the two entities will coordinate their operations where required. “Where there is a client and business need to deliver services collectively, this will be achieved through a formal partnership arrangement,” said the firm in a statement.