Two executives inducted as fellows of the Institute of Management Consulting, Nigeria

08 March 2018

Calixthus Okoruwa and Lekan Ishola have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to the field of consulting by the Institute of Management Consultants in Lagos, Nigeria. Okoruwa is the Chief Operating Officer for XLR8, while Ishola is the Managing Director of PR Redline. 

The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) in Nigeria is the formal, federal-government-authorised standardisation and regulation body for the consulting industry the Nigeria; the largest economy in Africa. Founded in 1983 in Kaduna, the body is constitutionally endowed with the authority to promote the highest of standards in consulting.

The IMC Nigeria, which comprises individuals and consulting firms alike, is also the only institute of its kind on the continent, alongside that in South Africa, to be a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI); home to similar organisations from 48 countries across the world.

The ICMCI holds an annual certification ceremony, whereby accomplished consultants are given international recognition. The certification essentially offers a license to engage in management consulting internationally, and is recognised in 50 other member-countries, including major consulting markets such as the USA, UK, Japan, Germany, India, China, and several others.

Lekan Ishola and Calixthus Okoruwa

At the annual ceremony, the IMC also inducts accomplished consultants into its fellowship. Calixthus Okoruwa and Lekan Ishola have been bestowed with both honours at this year’s CMC certification event in Lagos.

Okoruwa, who is the Chief Operating Officer at communications consultancy XLR8, is a marketing, communications and public relations expert, and has worked for leading global firms operating in Nigeria, including telecom provider MTN, and express delivery company DHL.

He has a degree in pharmacy as well as an MBA, and has been professionally involved with a range of sectors including the media, social health, pharmaceutical, sales and other industries. For ten years now, Okoruwa has been with XLR8, which is a communications management consultancy that leverages research and creativity to offer solutions.

Ishola is also a communications expert, and the Managing Director of public relations and media management firm PR Redline. He has a Bachelors as well as a Masters degree in communications, and has held senior positions at a number of communications firms including Ruyi Communications and TPT International Group.

His firm, PR Redline, is a Lagos-based stakeholder consulting firm in the field of media and communications, covering the service verticals of public relations, media imaging and monitoring, sponsorships, corporate analysis, and even internal communications management. 

Chain Reactions Nigeria wins awards in technology and reputation management

23 April 2019

Lagos-based public relations and communications consultancy Chain Reactions Nigeria has bagged two separate accolades, one at the globally renowned SABRE Awards and the Western African Pitcher Awards. The firm was recognised for its use of technology and its adept reputation management.

The firm works in the public relations and integrated communications domain, offering a broad suite of services including strategy development, government relations, reputation management, crisis management and content strategy development, among a number of others.

Chain Reactions Nigeria was established in 2006 in Lagos, and has since grown to have an international profile. The firm is currently an exclusive Affiliate of Chicago-based Edelman, which is currently the largest public relations network across the globe, operating in 65 countries.

Chain Reactions Nigeria wins awards in technology and reputation management

At the end of last year, the firm began leveraging Facebook as a platform for publicising its events and products in Nigeria as well as across the broader region of West Africa. This work has now been recognised at the SABRE Awards, through a Certificate of Excellence in the Technology Category.

Alongside its work in the online domain, the firm has done well to navigate the increasingly comptetitive public relations market in Nigeria. As Nigeria has become an economic centre for West Africa, the demand for public relations services has grown tremendously, prompting the public sector to ensure that minimum standards are met in the sector.

Chain Reactions has been meeting these standards. The firm supported newly established Polari Bank with its issue and reputation management in Nigeria, in the wake of a barrage of negative feedback that the bank received when it was first incorporated. For this, the firm received the Silver Award in the Reputation Management Category at the Pitcher Awards in Lagos.

Commenting on the recognition, Managing Director at the firm Israel Jaiye Opayemi said, “These awards will motivate us further to continue to offer more innovative solutions and creativity in solving problems for our clients. The awards boost our commitment to delivering outstanding work in Nigeria’s PR and integrated marketing communications ecosystem.”