Ghana Standards Authority to open consultancy that will be run by retirees

08 June 2018 2 min. read

With the objective of serving the dual purpose of offering retirees an opportunity to remain engaged while simultaneously benefitting from their wealth of experience, the Ghana Standards Authority has announced that it will launch a consultancy to be comprised solely of retirees. 

Founded in 1967, the Ghana Standards Authority is a government agency that is tasked with the establishment and promotion of standards across Ghana, which it carries out through metrology and conformity assessment. The body implements a three-pronged assessment process, which involves testing, inspection, and then certification.

Presently, the body is headed by Director General Alex Dodoo, who has now unveiled new plans for the establishment of a consulting firm within its scope of operations. The announcement was made by Dodoo at a forum organised for 60 professionals who had now retired from service.

Ghana Standards Authority to open consultancy that will be run by retirees

The unique aspect of the new entity is that it will be run entirely by retirees. Africa has a young population overall, but a major issue across the continent is the neglect of financial planning, which places the current generation of ageing employees at serious risk of being left without a pension and savings post-retirement.

Commenting on the move, Dodoo said, “Continuing to work in your industry, but in a relatively relaxed manner is an ideal way to stay occupied, have an income, and balance out your retirement. Your wealth of experience, combined with a higher level of personal maturity and accountability, makes you an invaluable resource. With your experience in the workforce, there should be a way for you to contribute your expertise while still making the most out of your retirement.“

The new firm will follow an open door policy, wherein the views of all the members will be welcomed and actively taken into consideration. Retired officials will be provided with unique identity cards that will ensure that they can freely access the authority campus and its facilities. Members will essentially resemble independent consultants in their capacity at the firm.

Dodoo added, “Independent consulting is a great solution that many retirees are turning to. It gives you the ability to hone in on a specialty area of focus, pursue projects that you care about and gives you the flexibility of working fewer hours. You can work as much or as little as you like so you still have time to pursue your leisure interests.”