WorleyParsons secures contract for Kipeto wind farm in Kenya

09 August 2018 Consultancy.africa

Drawing on its success in managing the largest wind power project in Africa, global energy consulting firm WorleyParsons has now been awarded the contract to develop and manage the second largest such farm in Kenya – the Kipeto Wind Power Project, expected to generate up to 100 megawatts of clean energy. 

The first half of this year has been a period of development for Kenya’s energy sector, both in terms of capacity as well as in terms of operations. Public sector energy companies in Kenya have called for consulting support for two separate geothermal power projects in recent months, one in Menengai West and the other being the Olkaria Geothermal field funded by Power Africa.

A promising trend in the country’s energy development is its diversification beyond traditional forms of energy generation, to further incorporate alternative and more renewable forms. In 2014, WorleyParsons’ South Africa outfit was enlisted to help with the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) project.WorleyParsons secures contract for Kipeto wind farm in KenyaThe consulting firm helped develop a wind farm in just under a year, complete with as many as 365 turbines, making LTWP the largest wind farm in Africa, with the potential capacity to provide power to as many as 1 million households across Kenya. The project added a monumental 15% installed capacity to Kenya’s power sector.

Impressed with the firm’s services for LTWP – which included project management, engineering review and construction management services – public sector entity Kipeto Energy has now enlisted WorleyParsons’ services for the Kipeto Wind Power Project, designed to become the second largest wind farm in the country.

The Kipeto project involves the installation of 60 wind turbines – developed by global conglomerate GE – and will add 100 MW to Kenya’s renewable energy capacity. According to WorleyParsons, the project will also generate around 1,000 jobs for local inhabitants and contractors, which will include some contract extensions from the LTWP team.

Project Director at WorleyParsons Tim Gaskell said, “Our successful execution of the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project and the experience gained played a key role in WorleyParsons winning the Kipeto project. This project reinforces Kenya’s commitment to the wind power industry and adds to Kenya’s already strong renewable energy mix."

Nigerian HR consultancy holds workshop for awareness on sustainable practices

18 April 2019 Consultancy.africa

In order to promote awareness surrounding the sustainability of economic practices in Nigeria, organisation transformation and HR management consultancy Renner & Renner Consulting has held a workshop in collaboration with the Department of Petroleum & Resources.

The focus of the workshop was to familiarise firms and executives with the latest reports on the energy outlook in Nigeria and around the world, and their status with respect to the Paris Climate Agreement stipulations on developmental projects. The workshop is targeted at firms working in the oil & gas domain.

The stipulations, which are clubbed under the Development Guidelines and Standards on Carbon Emission Reduction Monetisation for Oil & Gas Projects, provide an environmental framework within which to conduct oil & gas projects. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with government officials at Southern Hotels in lagos.

Nigerian HR consultancy holds workshop for awareness on sustainable practices

A number of major dignitaries attended the event, including Project Director at Renner & Renner Ibby Iyama and Jennis Anyanwu who represented the delegation from the Department of Petroleum & Resources. Other guests at the event were Yomi Ayodeji, Joseph Muds and Eugene Itua.

Iyama set the agenda for the meeting, asking for cooperation from the Department of Petroleum & Resources to help control the rapid increase in the carbon generation from gas flaring practices across the country. She suggested that the reduction of carbon should be taken up on a project basis.

Provided that these projects were conducted with diligence, Iyama has expressed her belief in their capacity to support clean energy generation across Nigeria. She lauded the Department of Petroleum & Resources for their work in the domain of clean energy thus far, and urged representatives from the agency to mobilise cooperation.

Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa, and is among those countries that is heavily dependent on the trade of oil & gas for its GDP. As a result, the economy’s gradual recovery from the global dip in oil prices has been accompanied by an increase in the intensity of work in the oil & gas sector.