Jacobs to offer engineering support to Benin Power Compact

13 September 2018 Consultancy.africa 2 min. read
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International Engineering consultancy Jacobs has been selected to implement the Benin Power Compact – a project managed by the Millennium Challenge Account – Benin II (MCA-Benin II). The project is due to last four years, and involves the enhancement of power infrastructure across the country. 

Benin is the latest in a long list of African countries currently looking to improve their energy infrastructure, particularly in terms of power generation capacities. The continent suffers from a large gap in infrastructure investment – a situation that has been on the mend in recent years.

As part of the Benin Power Compact initiative, Benin is launching a comprehensive drive to enhance its capacity for power generation, in addition to endowing the distribution mechanisms with the latest technology. The former involves the addition of 46 megawatts of installed capacity in the country.

Jacobs to offer engineering support to Benin Power Compact

The task is more complex than it would appear, given that 46 megawatts covers only 20% of the required supply levels, particularly at peak times. In addition, implementing such an enhancement will involve the reorientation of policy towards power distribution, as well as laying the foundation for a strong institutional framework.

Jacobs will now offer support at every stage of the project’s implementation which is expected to be completed by 2022. The contract was awarded by MCA-Benin II – a programme launched as a collaborative effort between the US and the Millennium Challenge Corporation to help introduce sustainable economic growth mechanisms in Benin.

The international consulting engineering firm will work in collaboration with a number of public sector entities in Benin, including the Beninese Company of Electrical Energy. The firm will essentially offer services in the engineering domain, in addition to managing projects and construction.

The project also involves the installation of four photovoltaic solar power plants, which indicates that Benin is following the example of other major African economies to incorporate renewable forms within their new energy projects. Ghana is one example of a country where renewable energy has been high on the mandate in recent times.