Volare to help Kaneh Bosm establish Cannabis cultivation in Lesotho

14 September 2018 Consultancy.africa 2 min. read

Lesotho-based infrastructure and development consultancy Volare has been engaged by Vancouver-based biotechnology firm Kaneh Bosm, primarily to support with the latter’ s ambitions for cannabis cultivation in Africa. Volare will help with land acquisition and cultivation, as well as storage for the production process.

Kaneh Bosm has been gradually building a presence in Lesotho to create a base for the cultivation and production of medical marijuana. The firm acquired a local manufacturer and transporter of medical cannabis by the name of CanAfrica Holdings in June this year, providing Kaneh Bosm with the licences that it needs.

CanAfrica is licensed not only for manufacturing and transportation, but also for the cultivation, distribution, import, and export of medical cannabis across Lesotho. The country is endowed with the ideal conditions for cannabis production, including the soil type and climate, in addition to a low-cost labour force.

Volare to help Kaneh Bosm establish Cannabis cultivation in Lesotho

As a result, the country is set to become the centre of cannabis production in the very near future. As enumerated by Kaneh Bosm CEO Eugene Beukman, “Kaneh Bosm's African developments mirror industry peers such as Canopy Growth Corporation, Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. and Aphria Inc. Earlier this year Canopy acquired Daddy Cann Lesotho PTY Ltd. for $28.8 million. Daddy Cann and Kaneh Bosm's CanAfrica have been awarded identical medical cannabis licences by the Kingdom of Lesotho.”

“In March of 2018, Supreme Cannabis invested $10 million for a 10 percent stake in Lesotho's MediGrow Holdings PTY Ltd. Kaneh Bosm would like to also mention Aphria Inc.'s recently announced Joint Venture with Lesotho based Verve Dynamics. The Company believes that it is well positioned to capitalize on its flagship African asset while maximizing shareholder value," added Beukman. 

Kaneh Bosm has selcted Volare to be its infrastructure and development consultant in the country. The consulting firm will offer localised support to the development process, spanning the cultivation, manufacturing and storage stages. Volare has already identified the ideal pockets of land for cultivation.

The pockets identified not only match the physical conditions required for cultivation, but are also endowed with onsite utility resources, in addition to being located near major transportation hubs in the country. Lesotho’s flourishing cannabis trade, meanwhile, goes to prove what experts have been saying about the nuanced diversity across borders in economies across Africa.