Strategy& creates strategy that works.

The challenges you face are complex. The stakes - and the risks - are incredibly high. Getting it right the first time matters. You need the right partner to help you identify the right strategy for your business, and execute it with certainty, speed, and impact.

As part of the PwC network, Strategy& brings together a leading-edge strategy team with PwC’s global capabilities, giving you the right expertise to help you create your strategy and execute it.

We do this by combining more than 100 years of strategy consulting experience, deep foresight about how your market is developing, and access to a broad range of technical and functional skills from around the world. We ask you the tough questions you need to answer if you want to seize the biggest opportunities.

We can help you:

  • Identify and grow the few differentiating capabilities that define who you are and the value you provide
  • Create a strategy that starts with your greatest strengths and builds in execution at every step
  • Build on what you already do best, so you’ll deliver competitive advantage well into the future

In short, we measure our success by your success. This means we believe in working together to build value as you define it: Value that reduces costs, drives new growth, and even transforms your business as you know it.