Foluso Phillips to be Lead Speaker at Luxury lifestyle Summit

20 September 2018 2 min. read

The Executive Chairman of Nigerian consultancy Phillips Consulting, Foluso Phillips, has been chosen to be the key speaker at the upcoming Luxury Lifestyle Summit, which is scheduled to be held in Lagos in October this year. The decision comes in light of his wealth of experience in the luxury sector.

Foluso Phillips is among the most prominent names in the Nigerian consulting industry, having founded his own consulting firm by the name of Phillips Consulting in 1992. Since its establishment in Lagos, the firm’s operations have spread not only within Nigeria to Abuja, but also to a strategic location in Johannesburg.

Alongside its current digital transformation efforts in Nigeria’s banking sector, the consulting firm also has a wide array of experience working with clients in the luxury sector, which is the primary reason for the selection of Foluso Phillips as the Lead Speaker at the Luxury Lifestyle Summit in Lagos.

Foluso Phillips to be Lead Speaker at Luxury lifestyle Summit

Specifically, Phillips will be addressing the topic, “Growing the Lagos luxury sector: opportunities and challenges,” which will be informed, to a large extent, but the extensive research recently published by Phillips Consulting on the same topic.

The summit will be held on the 26th of October this year, and is being touted as one of the more unique editions, given that the focus will expand beyond Nigeria for the first time. The summit is likely to focus more on East Africa – a region that is developing at a rapid rate  – which is evident from the other speakers at the event.

One of the speakers, for instance, is Michael Mwai, who is the CEO of Luxuria Lifestyle East Africa. Mwai will be addressing the specific issue of the ‘Africa luxury experience: The Kenya experience.’ Other Nigerian executives who will speak at the event include CEO of Adam 7 Eve Homeware Modupe Ogunlesi.

Bola Allison, who has been a prominent member of the jewellery sector for over a decade, will also give a talk on “The next phase of luxury in Lagos: expectations and challenges.” The summit will hold a panel discussion as well, and has been endorsed at the highest level by the Nigerian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.