IMC Nigeria hold internationally accredited training programme in Lagos

21 September 2018 2 min. read

In a bid to promote a high standard within Nigeria’s consulting industry, the Institue of Management Consulting in Nigeria has held an internationally accredited training and certification programme in Lagos, targeted at professionals at various stages of their consulting career. 

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, which has created a scenario where a number of new businesses are emerging, while the relatively established ones are looking to expand their operations. The country is also attracting a sea of business from the abroad, as global firms look to enter the market.

The scenario is ideal to drive the demand for consulting services through the roof, which has prompted the Institute for Management Consultants in Nigeria (IMC-N) to ensure that the industry contains elements that can operate at the highest international standard.

IMC Nigeria hold internationally accredited training programme in Lagos

The training and certification recently provided by IMC-N has been developed by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes in the Netherlands,  and represents the highest international qualification in the consulting arena, according to Director General of the IMC David Iorne. 

Candidates for the programme included consultants with a minimum level of experience who had demonstrated a high degree of skill. Selections were made from a wide variety of fields, with the objective of ensuring capacity building within each sector of the economy. In total the programme trained 35 consultants and elevated their professional status.

Iornem commented, “Acceptable members would normally possess a university degree or other professional qualifications, plus suitable experience in consultancy. Membership grades in which applicants are admitted depend on the length and nature of their experience in management consulting.”

He added, “While Fellow of IMC is for members who have a minimum of five years consulting experience or in managing large systems or anyone who is deemed by the council of the institute to have made outstanding contributions to the field of management consulting or management science. It can also be in economics, technology, or in any field of human endeavour directed towards the promotion of good management, world peace, national stability and economic progress.”