Accenture launches Africa Observatory to facilitate innovation across the region

01 November 2018 2 min. read
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Accenture Research – the global management consultancy’s insights division – has launched its Africa Observatory, conceptualised as a platform for knowledge and expertise development. The new establishment is aimed at facilitating discussion to mitigate the impact of digital disruption.

Perhaps no firm has been as vocal about promoting innovation across the African continent as Accenture. The firm has established innovation studios in South Africa, in addition to designing the Open Innovation Africa programme to promote innovative collaboration amongst startups in the continent.

The firm has now reinforced these efforts across the continent with the establishment of its Africa Observatory. In essence, the firm is hoping to foster innovation as a two pronged solution that will help startups become competitive in the new market, while simultaneously helping established firms cope with digital disruption.

To help improve overall economic conditions on the continent, Accenture has also been identifying possible measures that could facilitate large scale economic growth in the region. One such initiative is the promotion of an equal environment in the workplace in all respects.

Accenture launches Africa Observatory to facilitate innovation across the region

Such measures could potentially inject billions into individual economies. At an individual business level, the firm recommends a “rotate to the new” approach, with the additional recommendation of transforming in a balanced manner so as to avoid losing competitive edge.

Commenting on the establishment of the Africa Observatory, the Director at Accenture Research Yusof Seedat said, “The second machine age is here and companies that do not disrupt and reinvent – strategically and culturally could be disrupted to the point of extinction. Africa Observatory enables data-driven, solution-led, research and insights that has the potential to change the way Africa works and lives. The Africa Observatory is a living site that gives you access to Accenture’s cutting-edge research related to Africa.”

The new centre will expectedly incorporate nearly all aspects of the modern market, including industry 4.0 domains of blockchain, artifical intelligence and Internet of Things. As Africa becomes increasingly digitalised, a free portal of this nature will be crucial to ensure that businesses maintain their relevance.

Seedat added, “All current research efforts will be integrated, and this robust body of business intelligence will be presented on Africa Observatory. Interest groups across industries will definitely find the information critical to building innovative new businesses and products based on the latest technological breakthroughs and trends.”