Accenture is working to drive innovation and growth across Africa

25 February 2019 2 min. read
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As the digital revolution gradually makes its way across several African economies, global management consultancy Accenture is moving to situate itself as the driver of growth and innovation in the digital sphere across the continent, according to CEO of Accenture Africa Vukani Mngxati.

Africa is set to have the more than 1 billion internet users by as early as 2022. Combined with an overall increase in economic prosperity, these factors have brought about change in the business environment across the continent, as it looks to move an increasing portion of its operations online.

A number of industries that are central to African economies such as mining are beginning to embrace technological implements in order to remain relevant, competitive, and drive growth in their organisation. Smaller businesses, which are the backbone of several African economies, have begun to embrace technology such as cloud computing.

Accenture is working to drive innovation and growth across Africa

Accenture has been playing a central role in this transformation. The firm has placed great emphasis on innovation as the means to growth in African economies, and has engaged in a number of initiatives to help support this ideal. These include an Africa Observatory to promote innovation, and the Nigeria Innovation Index to highlight best practices in innovation.

CEO of Accenture Africa Vukani Mngxati has elaborated on these deliberate efforts to engage in Africa’s growth story. According to him, countries across the continent have tremendous innovative potential, while their relatively untapped markets present a great opportunity for business. The firm is also focused on driving social change across the continent.

“Accenture Africa’s various divisions are already engaging and collaborating with the public and private sectors on projects that will drive social impact on the continent. By leverage technology to solve for big social challenges, such as access to healthcare and housing and the delivery of basic services such as banking, we will change how African citizens work and lives,” said Mngxati.

“Our unique approach will drive the required step-changes and exponential growth needed to transform how companies do business in the digital economy. However, this is a dynamic and continual process and there is no box-drop solution. This is why we also assist clients with change management and constantly engage with them. In this way we build a lasting partnership that is able to unlock long-term value. This will ultimately ensure that Accenture Africa and our South African and African clients are able to compete in the global marketplace, today and into the future,” he added.