Zenera Consulting to organise Cancer Walk to mark fifth anniversary

21 November 2018 Consultancy.africa 2 min. read
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Lagos-based advertising and brand management consultancy Zenera Consulting is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and has made the decision to mark the occasion with a Cancer Walk organised in collaboration with lakeshore Cancer Centre, the Federal Road Safety Corps and Roding Healthcare Management.

Since its establishment in 2013, Zenera Consulting has expanded substantially, both in terms of scope and in terms of geographical reach. The firm began as a PR and advertising agency, but has since expanded into a management consultancy, offering a broad range of services outside of traditional PR functions.

The consulting firm now offers support with brand management, reputation management, investor relations, crisis communications as well as digital marketing. The firm has also expanded geographically beyond just Africa in May last year, having opened an additional office in London.

Now, Zenera is celebrating its five-year anniversary, and has made the decision to mark the occasion with an initiative to raise awareness about Cancer, specifically a rare variety of blood cancer known as Multiple Myeloma. The firm is organising a Cancer Walk with the theme of ‘Hope Beats Cancer.’

Zenera Consulting to organise Cancer Walk to mark fifth anniversary

The walk is expected to stretch over approximately 3.4 kilometres, starting from the Four Point Hotel in Lagos and ending at the Lakeshore Centre on Victoria Island. The wall is scheduled to take place on the 1st of December this year.

Commenting on the event, Managing Partner at Zenera Meka Olowola said, “Cancer awareness is still at a very low level in Nigeria, and for those who are aware, they look out for the most common forms. With this walk, we are identifying with those who have lost loved ones to one form of cancer or the other and encouraging those who are battling this that hope beats cancer. We are also creating awareness for Multiple Myeloma, a rare disease that represents about two percent of all cancers. A lot of people do not hear of it until they are diagnosed, and this makes it harder to beat. We have seen cancer as a very valuable knowledge and awareness point for us.”

Head of Strategy at the Lakeshore Cancer Centre Oge Ilegbune added, “In Nigeria, people should not be dying from preventable forms of cancer just because they are not aware until it reaches Stage Four. As a cancer centre, we cannot be waiting for people to come through our doors at Stage Three and Four. We need to concentrate on education and awareness. When people get the right information, and they start talking about it, then they can start asking, ‘where can I go and do a screening?”