Webcoupers to organise seminar on digital marketing at Social Media Week Lagos

28 January 2019 Consultancy.africa 2 min. read
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Lagos-based marketing and advertising consultancy Webcoupers Consulting has organised a seminar by the name of ‘De:brief-Brands with Soul’ as part of the Social Media Week conference being held in Lagos and another dozen cities across the globe starting on the 6th of February. 

Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly essential component of Nigeria’s economy, particularly as an increasing portion of the country’s population begins to operate on the online domain. The growing economy is attracting firms from across the world, which require marketing services to help reach the substantial audience.

Webcoupers Consulting is a technology-based firm that helps with this process. The firm was established in Lagos in 2012, and offers a broad range of services that involve the utilisation of technology and data analysis to help firms with growth in the Nigerian market.

Webcoupers to organise seminar on digital marketing at Social Media Week Lagos

Specifically, the firm offers support with online advertising, web development, digital marketing, social media management, online business strategies and a number of other service areas. Now, the firm is looking to foster the exchange of ideas by organizing a seminar at the Lagos Social Media Week.

The seminar is aimed at developing an environment of innovation, something that is increasingly of the essence across Africa. The firm hopes to use innovation to develop ideas around enhancing the overall consumer experience, specifically with the objective of leveraging digital technology.

The event, which is expected to be held at the SMW Lagos Campus at the Landmark Centre in Lagos, is titled De:Brief Brands with Soul, and features a number of key speakers. These include the CEOs of Whitespace Creative Agency and LifeBank as well as the CEO of Webcoupers Bode Olatoye.

The firm encourages firms and entrepreneurs to attend the seminar, labelling it as a key opportunity to hear about the stories and best practices of successful brands in the Nigerian market. The event also offers the opportunity to network with digital businesses and discover the latest trends in the Nigerian and global economies.