Phillips Consulting partners with HCG to offer training and certification

19 February 2019 2 min. read

Nigerian management consultancy Phillips Consulting will now offer HCG Certification programmes, designed by California-based management consultancy Human Capital Growth (HCG), as a result of a strategic partnership signed between the two firms to promote HR strategy in Nigeria.

Phillips Consulting has very recently completed a complete rejuvenation of its profile, expanding its traditional suite of services to take on a broader and more expansive advisory role. The firm has reiterated its commitment to supporting growth in Nigeria, and has emphasised the role that constant transformation plays in this growth.

Training and development is central to this ideal, and forms a core theme in the firm’s services. This wing will now be bolstered considerably via the entry of Human Capital Growth, which has partnered with Phillips Consulting to offer its human resources training and certification programmes in Nigeria.

Phillips Consulting partners with HCG to offer training and certification

Based out of California, HCG is a human resources strategy consulting firm with a range of service offerings, including leadership assessment, change management and personalised coaching. HCG offers international certifications, and places its focus on offering “business-focused, evidence-based, application ready” training and certification.

The Nigerian market is currently in a phase of rapid economic growth, and firms are looking to devise innovative strategies in order to realise the potential of their workforces. HCG is looking to capitalise on this market, in addition to using Nigeria as a base to expand into other vibrant African economies.

“The PCL partnership with HCG is an interesting one. One that will bring a lot of interesting things for HR businesses and departments in Nigeria,” said Paul Ayim, Senior Partner for People Transformation at Phillips Consulting, while Founder and CEO at HCG Shreya Sarka-Barney called the partnership a milestone for her firm.

“The partnership gives us the opportunity to move the needle, because one thing that people don’t understand is the complexity of talent management in  Sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria. This gives an opportunity to  bring evidence-based learning, giving us an opportunity to tackle the complexities,” added Robert Taiwo, Managing Director at Phillips Consulting.