Lean Africa Consultants arranges infrastructure funding conference in Nairobi

21 February 2019 Consultancy.africa 2 min. read
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Nairobi-based consulting firm Lean Africa Consultants has organised a conference in the city to facilitate funding and investment in infrastructure projects across the region of East Africa. The conference will last two days, and will feature more than 20 speakers from across the region.

Investment in infrastructure is one area where all of Africa currently comes up short. A report from global management consultancy The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) revealed last year that Sub-Saharan Africa suffers from a gap of nearly $100 billion when it comes to infrastructure investment.

East Africa is among the fastest growing regions on the continent, a scenario that results from newly found political stability, economic diversification and a relatively low level of risk associated with investment. Kenya is among the largest economies on the continent, while Ethiopia is among those growing at the fastest rate.

Lean Africa Consultants arranges infrastructure funding conference in Nairobi

As a result, conditions in the region are conducive to drawing investment in infrastructure. Lean Africa Consultants is looking to realise this scenario. Based out of Nairobi, the firm specialises in offering advice on the funding and financing of projects, primarily in the domain of public private partnerships.

In order to facilitate more investment in the region of East Africa, the firm is now organising an East Africa infrastructure project financing conference at the Radisson Blu hotel in Narobi. The conference is set to have as many as 21 speakers from various fields working across East Africa.

Over 150 delegates are expected to participate in the conference, hailing from countries across Africa, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania. The event will also have representation from some European countries such as Spain, as well as from international institutions such as the World Bank.

Commenting on the event, Founder and CEO of Lean Africa Johnson Mwawasi said, “The conference aims to showcase the infrastructure opportunities, the challenges, the risks and how the region, jointly with multilateral agencies and other stakeholders, can mitigate the risk exposures so as to ensure favourable returns for the stakeholders in this sector.”