IMC calls for greater compliance with ISO standards across Nigeria

26 February 2019 2 min. read
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The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) Nigeria has pushed professionals across the country to enhance their practices with respect to more open communication between clients and consultants, as embodied in the global ISO: 20700 standardisation for transparency.

The directive comes from the Director General of the IMC David Iornem, who is increasingly advocating compliance with various ISO regulations in order to promote a minimum standard of operations across Nigeria. The institute has inducted Benoy Berry in order to support this ideal.

Berry is the Founder and Chairman of Contec Global Agro, which is a subsidiary company of CONTEC Global. He is among Nigeria’s most prominent executives, and is renowned for his capabilities in the domain of human resources and talent management, which he has applied at a domestic and global level.

IMC calls for greater compliance with ISO standards across Nigeria

The move comes at a time when raising the standards of business in Nigeria has become one of the top priorities for the IMC. Last year, the firm organised an internationally accredited training and certification programme in Lagos, which trained consultants at various management levels in international best practices.

Nigeria is a rapidly growing economy, and much like the rest of Africa is currently looking to draw large amounts of foreign investment in order to support the diversification and recovery of its economy. Maintaining international standards is central to this goal.

Iornem said, “In addition to your fellowship and even more importantly, you will gain the CMS status (Certified Management Specialist) after participating in a workshop that gives you sufficient knowledge towards the Certified Management Consultants (CMC), licence to be granted by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).”

“The Board of Trustees and the Governing Council of the Institute of Management Consultants this day elect Dr. Benoy Berry, as Fellow in recognition of outstanding academic and professional standing and demonstrated commitment to creating, maintaining, extending and promoting the highest world standards of management consulting practice, ethics competence and client service,” he added.