Rise and Learn launches Kenya operations to help promote strategy HR policies

27 February 2019 Consultancy.africa 2 min. read

Human resource consultancy Rise and Learn has launched in Kenya with the specific objective of tackling the high levels of unemployment in the country. The firm hopes to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in the country, and supports professionals through training and education programmes. 

As economies across Africa move towards growth and diversification, most businesses in the region are looking towards their human resource strategies in order to ensure that their workforce is equipped with the skills and mentality required to realise the potential of a growing economy.

A number of international consulting firms are moving into the market to meet this demand and help firms develop these skills within their organisations. Global health and wealth consultancy Mercer, for instance, began a collaborative project with the Learning Organisation to offer HR solutions in Ghana just earlier this month.

Rise and Learn launches Kenya operations to help promote strategy HR policies

Aside from the influx of international firms, the continent is also seeing the emergence of new domestic firms operating in the HR domain. Rise and Learn is one example of such a firm, which has launched its operations in Kenya, a central part of the rapidly growing East African economy.

The new firm will offer a number of services in the broad domain of HR, with a specific focus on learning programmes for entrepreneurs in the country. These services include corpoate training, support with vacancies, in addition to its HR Mastermind programme, which helps develop technical competencies, interpersonal competencies and skills in the leadership domain.

Commenting on the launch, Director of Rise and Learn Emily Kamunde-Osoro said, “The unemployment levels in my country keeps me awake at night, the possibility of creating one extra job tomorrow wakes me up in the morning. We must harness the creativity, dynamism and energy of the youth to create job opportunities and build their capacity to do so. The firm aspires to be a contributor to this agenda through various human resource development and outsourcing services.”

Chief Guest at the launch Wangechi Muriuki, who is the Country Director for Invest in Africa said, “Including SMEs as part of the agenda for executive coaching is a timely intervention towards developing the management skills and governance of enterprises driving the economy. Rise and Learn have appropriately identified this a key area where they want to support SMEs in Kenya to enhance their human resource development capabilities in order to drive job creation with the best talent.”