Phillips Consulting arranges meeting to discuss prospects for Industry 4.0 services

27 March 2019 3 min. read
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Nigerian management consultancy Phillips Consulting is looking to jump on the digital bandwagon – a strategy that it will discuss at length during an upcoming three-hour long Chief Information Officer’s (CIO’s) breakfast meeting that it is set to host later this week in Lagos. 

Digitalisation has become a stark reality for economies across Africa, and Nigeria is centrally placed in this phenomenon given its position as the largest economy on the continent. As the economy continues its growth, the digital services segment is the country is expected to expand at a rapid rate in the near future.

In this context, a number of consulting firms in the country are looking to develop their capabilities in a number of industry 4.0 domain, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things and data analytics. The increasing demand for these services presents a substantial business opportunity.

As businesses become more digitally integrated, their susceptibility to cyber crime increases correspondingly, which has led to the increase in demand for cybersecurity services as well.  Management consultancy Phillips Consulting, which has been working on renewing its profile in Nigeria, is now looking to develop its digital and cybersecurity capabilities.

Phillips Consulting arranges meeting to prospects for Industry services

As elucidated by Associate Partner for Digital Technology & Consulting at the firm, Jason Ikegwu, “Organisations are reinventing themselves through digital transformation. Powered by advances in robotics, AI, data analytics, wireless technology, IoT and cloud computing, this transformation is providing the platform through which organisations drive performance and pursue completely novel ways of solving traditional challenges.”

“This pace of change has been hugely significant, with organisations having to dramatically adapt their digital capabilities to keep up. While such transformation is inevitable, it is imperative for organisations to secure their transformational initiatives and assets,” he added.

The firm has repeatedly emphasised its belief in the crucial role of constant transformation in the growth and sustained competitiveness of organisations. To this end, the firm has been active in offering training and education programmes for executives at various levels to develop their innovative capabilities.

“This security provides the basis for effective transformation. Cyber risk is now as important a priority for business leaders as financial and legal risks. Which is why we will be examining these issues at this year’s breakfast meeting,” added Ikegwu, providing context for the firm’s meeting.