Thinkroom Consulting holds seminar with Microsoft and Bank Windhoek

25 April 2019 2 min. read
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Gauteng-based consultancy Thinkroom Consulting has organised a seminar in Windhoek that was held jointly by Bank Windhoek and Microsoft. The seminar was aimed at facilitating innovation and collaboration, primarily by offering networking opportunities and a platform for exchanging ideas. 

The seminar’s theme was consistent with current trends across Africa. The continent is well on its way to becoming a major economic centre in the global economy, and most experts have recommended a combination of collaboration and innovation in order to accelerate progress.

Specifically, the seminar was held for entrepreneurs who are looking to share their ideas and meet possible business partners. The turnout was satisfactory, given that 50 entrepreneurs from Windhoek attended the event, which was organised collaboratively by Microsoft and Bank Windhoek.

The results were also reportedly satisfactory. Attendees related that they had gathered a substantial body of knowledge form the seminar, equipping them with considerable tools to drive growth in their companies. Microsoft’s presence among the organisers was also no coincidence, given the current market for skills.

Thinkroom Consulting holds seminar with Microsoft and Bank Windhoek

Experts have suggested that the future of Namibian economy – much like the rest of Africa and the world – lies in developing its capacity in the information communications technology domain. The event was facilitated by Thinkroom Consulting, a South African management consultancy. 

Thinkroom was established in 2014 with the sole purpose of supporting small and medium enterprises across Africa with their growth stories. To this end, the firm offers support in project management, research, enterprise development and a number of other domains.

Commenting on the event, Founder of Thinkroom Catherine Young said, “Thinkroom Consulting is passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs. We use our networks to introduce them to corporate programmes, use management best practices as well as the latest technologies to reach existing and new markets.”

Emerging SMEs Finance Branch Manager at Bank Windhoek Mbo Luvindao added, “As connectors of positive change, we see an opportunity to bring additional value to our customers through strategic partnerships such as the one agreed with Microsoft. The end goal is to bring benefits to you, our customers so that you are able to build a competitive advantage and safeguard the success of your business.”