KPMG launches a new Insight Centre in Lagos to help with digitalisation

09 July 2019 2 min. read
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Big Four accounting and advisory firm KPMG is looking to help firms in the country with realising their digital potential, through the launch of a new Insight Centre in Lagos. The centre will focus on how various aspects of Industry 4.0 can transform from hindrances to opportunities. 

The new Insights Centre as been set up inside the KPMG tower in Lagos, and is expected to boost the firm’s advisory profile in the country. As a number of experts look to analyse Nigeria’s position as the leading economy in Africa and a drive of future growth, KPMG has been particularly vocal in its take on the situation.

Senior Partner at KPMG Nigeria and Chairman of KPMG Africa Kunle Elebute is a leading expert on the region’s economic scenario. In the past, Elebute has called for an investment in infrastructure as an economic remedy for Africa, while advocating a focus on growth to tackle the tax woes in Nigeria.

In essence, while several have sought to devise the ideal tax reforms for the Nigerian context, Elebute has urged that driving economic growth in the country is a sure shot way of ensuring revenue increases. A central part of this economic growth is an investment in technology.

KPMG Insight Centre Lagos

Much like the rest of Africa, Nigeria has a rapidly digitalising population, and businesses are being pushed to resituate a large portion of their operations to the digital sphere, not only to meet domestic demand but also to remain internationally competitive. KPMG’s new centre is looking to help with this transition.

“With the rate and pace of disruption in the market, KPMG is constantly focused on making strategic short and long-term investments that address market disruption and support a transformation journey.” We are excited to open the KPMG Insights Centre in Lagos. This helps us to bring together our capabilities in innovation, facilitation and leading/ emerging technologies in a new way that represents how KPMG is transforming businesses across the industry and how we can help our clients succeed,” said Elebute.

Aliko Dangote, Owner of the pan-African Dangote Group added, “Going ahead, I’m certain this will help in taking us to the following level, and this will aid our very own organisations by foreseeing our client conduct, and our tasks in different ventures since we have a ton of enterprises that are perplexing, yet this will help sort out our issues and help us maintain our organizations. It is additionally consoling to see that with this sort of development, our organizations will be easily run. We are at around 4 billion dollars income now, and we are going to 30 billion dollars yet with this sort of advancement, we are truly agreeable; so I should salute KPMG.”