Zenera Consulting to support Horasis-in-Nigeria with business meeting

07 August 2019 Consultancy.africa 2 min. read
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Brand management consultancy Zenera Consulting has been handed the responsibility of organising the Horasis-in-Nigeria Global Business Meeting, in collaboration with Zurich-based think tank Horasis and the Federal Government of Nigeria. More than 500 executives are set to attend the event.

Attendees will hail from a number of fields, including the international public sector, foreign governments, financial institutions, and hedge funds – essentially those interested in investing in the Nigerian market. The event offers a platform to discuss Nigeria’s economic environment going forth.

International interest in Nigeria is growing, given that it has a large, young population and the largest GDP in Africa. The economy has stabilised after fluctuations in global oil prices, and the country is set to become a driver of economic growth, not only for West Africa but for Africa as a whole.

Zenera Consulting to support Horasis-in-Nigeria with business meeting

Horasis is looking to use the conference as a platform to indicate its interest in this growth story. Founded in Zurich in 2005, Horasis is a think tank that looks to sketch market entry and growth strategies for diverse economies across the globe, operating on the central tenets of sustainability, principled leadership and community building.

The major portion of the think tank’s efforts are concentrated on emerging markets, and Nigeria is the latest economy in this network. Zenera Consulting, which is among the most successful branding and public relations firms in West Africa, will help Horasis and the Federal Government with organising the event.

Commenting on the event, Managing Partner at Zenera Consulting Meka Olowola said, “Over the years, corporate Nigeria has deepened its robustness in terms of governance, ethics, technical competence and other global best practices, therefore priming themselves in position to forge strong international partnerships on a scale that will inevitably generate tremendous value for the subregion. This inaugural meeting is geared towards congregating the world’s most sophisticated businessmen to reinvigorate the Nigerian economy for the short and long term.”

Noel Akpata, co-Founder & Regional Coordinator of Horasis-in-Nigeria added, “We fervently believe that against all odds, Nigeria’s myriad of problems should be visualised as opportunities needing a different level of innovation and creative problem-solving driven by nation building mindsets to resolve.”