Ghana Business Star Growth Program enters fourth year

10 February 2020 3 min. read

Now entering its fourth year, the Ghana Business Star Growth Program grooms entrepreneurs and business leaders in Ghana across a range of strategy, management, commercial and growth skills.

The Ghana Business Star Growth Program was launched in 2017 by The Next Organization, a Netherlands-headquartered management consulting firm with an international footprint, with the aiming of helping African managers with advancing their skillset.

According to the firm, the African continent is full of opportunities, and in particular Ghana. According to statistics from the International Monetary Fund, Ghana was the fastest-growing economy in the world in 2019, ahead of African countries including Rwanda, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast, as well as the Asian countries of Bangladesh, India and Cambodia, three non-African countries in IMF’s top ten.

Leaders that participate in the Ghana Business Star Growth Program will upon completion be better equipped to lead their business/teams, and capitalise on opportunities in the market. Topics taught in the programme cover business fundamentals such as market analysis and value proposition, as well as management techniques in the business transformation and financial domains. The programme also considers important customer-centric concepts such as pricing strategies, route to market and e-commerce. 

Ghana Business Star Growth Program enters fourth year

Using a mix of theoretical modules and practical exercises for putting lessons learned into real-life practice, the Ghana Business Star Growth Program has been described by previous participants as “ground-breaking”, “practical”, flexible” and “simply marvellous”, with all three previous editions of the training sold-out.

Overseeing the 2020 edition is Minoek Wijs, an affiliated consultant of The Next Organization. She follows in the footsteps of Femke Dekker who led the programme last year, and similarly to her predecessor, Wijs is of Dutch origin and has a track record in Ghana. Wijs has over 12 years of experience in recruitment, human capital en business development, gained in the public and private sector.  

Having been active in Africa from 2014 onwards, she relocated to the continent in 2017. One of her main responsibilities in the continent is expanding JobnetAfrica, a platform for jobs in Africa and a recruitment services provider for companies seeking to fulfil managerial and executive roles. 

“Minoek has a good understanding of Ghanaian culture and work ethics. This, combined with her hands-on, proactive approach and positive mindset, makes her the ideal person to take the reins of the 2020 Ghana Business Star Growth Program,” stated The Next Organization. 

For more information on the Ghana Business Star Growth Program, see the website of the initiative.