The ten most food-secure countries in Africa, Tunisia tops the list

16 January 2018 3 min. read
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Tunisia is the most food-secure country in Africa, as per a new index released by research and consultancy firm In On Africa (IOA). Mauritius and Morocco followed, on the list that compiled data from 54 African countries, drawing from over 30 studies across the world.

Established in 2007, IOA is a research and analytics consulting firm, which offers detailed insight and calculations to clients across the African continent, spanning the public and the private sectors. In essence, the firm acts as a one stop shop for in-depth analysis on social, political and economic indicators across Africa.

Since last year, the firm has been compiling an annual Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR), which offers rankings of the countries on the continent, based on their score on key performance indicators. The report derives from 19,000 data points across 34 globally recognised indices.

One of the most important indicators for a country’s welfare is food security, a situation that African countries have historically struggled with due to large populations and a lack of conducive geographical factors.

The 10 most food-secure countries in Africa

According to the firm, food security is determined by a plethora of indicators, including the percentage of malnutrition among children, and the amount as well as the frequency of international aid required to avoid a famine. Combining all these factors to develop a scoring system, the firm released a ranking of the top 10 countries on the continent in terms of food security.

Tunisia topped the list, with a score of 68.2. If GDP is anything to go by, this can be expected to some extent, as the country recently ranked as the tenth richest on the continent in a ranking from management consultancy McKinsey & Company. Mauritius made second place with a score of 67.33. The country’s strategic partnerships with the EU give it a strong position on the continent in general.

Morocco is the third most food-secure country with a score of 64.38. Again, the country is amongst the richest in terms of GDP, placing 5th on McKinsey’s list. Algeria, which was 4th in terms of GDP, ranked 4th in the food security ranking as well with a score of 63.86%. Egypt came in 5th with a score of 60.03, having ranked 3rd in the GDP rankings.

In 6th place for food security is Gabon, with a score of 58.81. South Africa, which is the second richest country on the continent, ranked 7th in terms of food security with a score of 57.88. Rounding off the top ten on the list were: Ghana in 8th, with a score of 53.57; Senegal in 9th, with a score of 52.16; and Namibia in 10th, scoring 51.42.

The report attributes the food security in these countries to their stable democratic governments, and their strong export-based economies. A number of these countries are also rich in oil, with new reserves being found everyday, facilitating broader economic growth.