Fast growing Kenyan tea brand APT hires MTI Consulting

24 January 2018

In order to support its ambitious growth strategy at an international scale, APT Commodities in Kenya has engaged the services of Bahrain-based MTI consulting. Alongside strategic support, the contract includes a special mergers and acquisitions (M&A) component, which will look at inorganic means of expansion into new markets. 

At the heart of its operations, APT Commodities is a Kenyan entity that specialises in the tea-trade. The firm places a special emphasis on localised tea of the highest quality, catering to niche connoisseurs of the beverage across the world. Clients of the firm extend beyond its borders to Egypt, stretching as far as Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Malaysia among others.

Within Kenya, the firm is well recognised as a member of the tea Directorate, the East Africa Tea Trade Association, the Kenyan Chamber of Commerce, and a number of other public bodies. However, in recent times, APT has taken on a more international character, with plans to release specialised tea brands across the world.

The firm’s premier brand is Jambo Tea, which has gained immense popularity in the region of East Africa. Now, the firm has unveiled plans to launch two new brands, namely Hassan and Equator, stretching out in both directions. Hassan will cater to the eastern markets, scaling the Indian Ocean to the Middle East and Asia, whereas Equator will move west to markets in Europe and West Africa.Fast growing Kenyan tea brand APT hires MTI ConsultingIn order to assist with these expansion strategies, the firm has called upon MTI consulting: a consulting firm based in Bahrain with operations across the world. The firm was established in 1997, and has since worked in 42 different countries, completing 630 assignments. MTI specialises in thought leadership in the strategy domain.

Using this expertise on strategy, the firm hopes to assist APT through analytical research and project analysis. In addition, the contract includes a component for M&A, which will allow MTI to examine opportunities for strategic partnerships to optimise APT’s entry into new markets in the region and across the world.

Commenting on the collaboration, CEO of APT, Peter Gitata Macharia said, “The time has come for APT to incubate new ideas and partners in order to stay relevant in this volatile geopolitical market. Our early success in international markets has inspired us to pursue a deeper penetration of the international market and do so with a strong technical investor.”

Meanwhile, CEO of MTI Consulting, Hilmy Cader said; “Given the current and emerging dynamic in the global tea markets, there is potential for niche tea brands to expand across borders by leveraging strategic partners and developing segment-specific value propositions.”

The trade of commodities such as tea, coffee and fish have allowed the diversification of the Kenyan economy, putting it among the richest countries on the continent, and helping it to navigate the current slump in the price of oil

Cameroon seeks consulting support for electricity distribution project

10 April 2019

The Government of Cameroon is on the lookout for consultants to support with the development of the Master Plan Production Transport Distribution of Electricity. The selected consultancy will be expected to conduct a study regarding the evacuation of power facilities in the country.

The result of the proposed study will be an initial design, followed by a more detailed blueprint, in addition to the final tender paperwork. The Master Plan Production Transport Distribution of Electricity is one of several developmental projects taking place across Africa to improve the region’s infrastructure scenario.

Specifically, the project looks to develop a more comprehensive network of transportation to and from power generation facilities, not only to enhance the capacity within these plants but also to expand the scope of distribution to the more remote areas of the country. The project also involves the development of two solar power plants.Cameroon seeks consulting support for electricity distribution project

This is another trend that is common across a number of African markets. Given that the latest wave of infrastructure development on the continent is coinciding with a global trend towards sustainable energy, most African countries are integrating renewable sources such as wind and solar within their energy generation systems.

Tcholiré and Kousséri are the two cities to be endowed with solar power plants, The candidates for consulting partners of the project are expected to have considerable global experience in the domains of power distribution and managing renewable energy generation projects.

Overall, the new plan is being designed to cover the gaps in the previous Electricity Sector Development Plan that was formed in 2014. The earlier plan failed to address a number of distribution issues around major generation centres, while the new plan is being designed to ensure efficient distribution.

As a result, the requirements for the new plan include detailed assessments of voltage and capacity of electricity plants, and the capacity of their associated distribution systems. The new plan is also, in similar vein, expected to have detailed guidelines on optimum transportation networks to and from the generation facilities.