The Next Organization launches Ghana Business Star Growth Program 2018

04 April 2018 3 min. read

Consulting firm The Next Organization is launching the second edition of its Ghana Business Star Growth Program in Accra – Ghana, due to begin in May this year. The year-long training programme is aimed at entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to enhance their skills in the strategy, management and commercial domains.

The African economy is open for business. The regional economy is performing well in most sectors, particularly in finance and banking – Africa's banking sector is according to a recent study the second most profitable in the world – as economies and capital markets across the continent continue their road to recovery.

One of the key means to diversification is entrepreneurship, which is gaining momentum across the continent through a wave of startups. The consulting industry has been quick to respond to this trend, offering support to individuals looking to build successful businesses.

The Next Organization, a consulting firm from the Netherlands that operates internationally, last year launched a programme of in Accra, Ghana, by the name of the Ghana Business Star Growth Program (GBSGP). The first edition in 2017 was a “tremendous success” in the eyes of the organisers, with attendees describing the event as “ground-breaking”, “practical”, flexible” and "simply marvellous”.

The Next Organization launches Ghana Business Star Growth Program 2018

Ghana Business Star Growth Program 2018

Drawing from this positive response, the consulting firm has launched the programme again this year, due to begin in May. Overall, the programme offers an opportunity for professional development, including a mixed approach of theoretical modules and practical exercises, as well as a rich environment for networking.

The program consists of four distinct dimensions; business modules, which includes access to premium literature; challenge sessions, which are interactive sessions wherein entrepreneurial ideas are debated; one-to-one coaching, which promises a personal trainer sensitive to individual positions; and, if required, access to finance, which entails an opportunity to present a business module to potential investors.

Business modules covered under the program cover business fundamentals such as market analysis and value proposition, as well as management techniques in the business transformation and financial domains. The program also considers important customer-centric concepts such as pricing strategies, route to market, and introduction to the e-commerce sphere.

GBSGP is lent credibility by The Next Organization’s position as a leading firm for commercial strategy in the Benelux. The consultancy considers a number of factors in its advisory approach, including customer behaviour, trends in technology, and market changes to identify opportunities for its (international) clients.

For more information on the Ghana Business Star Growth Program, see the website of the event.