Communications consultancies team up to offer cloud-based solutions in East Africa

11 May 2018

Pan-African ICT and smart technology solutions firm Jasco has partnered with multinational tech consulting firm Avaya to develop a cloud-based communications practice in Africa. The duo’s targeted clientele is small and medium enterprises, with a regional focus on Eastern Africa, and a country focus on Kenya.

As the impact of digital advancement in Africa grows in magnitude on the back of a spread in internet access, businesses across the continent are embracing new business optimisation strategies such as cloud migration, particularly in more advanced and diversified economies such as Kenya.

South-Africa-based tech consulting firm Jasco has moved to capitalise on this growing demand, with the launch of a cloud-based solutions business for Eastern Africa, in partnership with US-based technology firm Avaya. The solutions will focus specifically on the communications domain.

Based in the Johannesburg suburb of Halfway House, Jasco is an ICT specialised consulting firm that has been operational across Africa since it was founded in 1976. The firm’s primary focus lies in the domain of convergence – a modern day phenomenon that denotes the intersection between data and voice in communications technology.

Communications consultancies team up to offer cloud-based solutions in East Africa

The firm is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and has helped optimise communications for clients in a number of industries, including the IT, energy, and manufacturing sectors. In tandem with global trends, the firm is now leveraging the latest in cloud technology to strengthen its solutions.

Avaya, a California-based multinational business communications technology firm, will support Jasco with its latest endeavours. The firm was founded in 2000, and has since grown to employ nearly 9,000 employees worldwide, and generate revenues of over $3 billion. Avaya’s solutions extend across localised as well as cloud-based applications.

Among the unique features of Avaya’s offerings are its Unified Communications and Contact Centre services – both of which will be leveraged by Jasco under the new partnership. The duo will offer a range of services on a fixed monthly basis, with an emphasis on scalability and flexibility, wherein customers can begin with basic cherry-picked options, and gradually modify their subscriptions based on individual usage.

Commenting on the partnership, Danny Ross, an Executive for the East Africa division at Jasco said, “This partnership will enable us to deliver reliable, fast and cost-effective solutions to the markets we operate in.  We are placing a specific emphasis on East African countries such as Kenya, where the rapid proliferation of connectivity demands communications solutions that are more adaptable to the advancing technological environment.”

Sage East Africa to launch Sage Business Cloud solution for Ethiopia

01 March 2019

Business software solutions firm Sage East Africa has emphasised the need for innovation amongst businesses in Ethiopia in order to support the drive for international competitiveness. Among the recommendations is the adoption of Sage’s Enterprise Management Solution, which is designed to reduce operational costs. 

The platform employed by the firm to make its assertions was a CIO East Africa Breakfast Series, which was based on the theme of Enterprise IT Transformation. The message was delivered by Regional Director for Sage East Africa Nikki Summers, who urged businesses to adopt a forward-looking approach.

Ethiopia is amongst the fastest growing economies in Africa, and is situated in the region of East Africa, which is drawing substantial amounts of foreign investment due to a combination of political stability and economic growth. As a result, businesses in the country are currently focused on becoming internationally competitive.

Sage East Africa to launch Sage Business Cloud solution for Ethiopia

Summers illustrated for businesses in the country that the rapid spread of digital access in Africa as well as across the globe will likely lead to a data economy. In this context, a digital enterprise management solution like that now being offered by Sage in the country is the ideal mechanism to ensure efficiency and growth.

However, she emphasised how a number of businesses across the globe remain ill-equipped to deal with this new scenario. “Only about 10 percent of companies have established a “single source of truth” for their data, that is, unique storage spaces, or databases, for enterprise-wide data objects.”

Sage is launching its solution in the Ethiopian market with the specific objective of filling this gap, and has commissioned research-based consultancy Forrester Consulting to conduct an evaluation of the potential impact that Sage solutions can have in the rapidly expanding East African market.

Forrester Consulting thus conducted a Total Economic Impact study in the country, which will enumerate the returns on investment for Sage if it were to launch products such as the Sage Business Cloud in Ethiopia. The results were promising to say the least, which has prompted Sage to launch its product in the market.