Sami Grouz to lead Corporate Value Associates in North Africa

14 June 2018 2 min. read

Having overseen the establishment of Corporate Value Associates’ (CVA) Casablanca Office back in 2005, and having subsequently left the firm for an eight year spell elsewhere, Sami Grouz has returned to CVA as the Managing Director of the firm’s North African operations.  

As the name suggests, Corporate Value Associates is a consulting firm that specialises in creating and delivering maximum value to clients and their customers, primarily by conducting rigorous analysis and generating complex operational frameworks. The firm’s flagship products include MOVE, which is customer-centric, and LEAD, which ensures the equitable distribution of value amongst shareholders.

CVA is active in key markets across the globe, operating out of offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Hong Kong, Boston, London, Paris, Melbourne, Milan and a number of other major financial hubs. In 1992, the firm registered its first client in Morocco, following which its operations in the country have gone from strength to strength.

Encouraged by its progress in the country, CVA established an office in Casablanca in 2005 under the leadership of Sami Grouz, who was Managing Director of the firm’s regional operation. At the time, Grouz had already been with the firm for five years as a Senior Consultant & Manager at CVA’s Paris office.Sami Grouz to lead Corporate Value Associates in North AfricaGrouz began his professional career as a Consultant at Big Four professional services firm Deliotte, having completed both his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the Ecole Polytechnique – the latter being in Applied Mathematics.

From Deloitte, he moved straight to CVA, where he spent a total of ten years, the latter half as Managing Director of CVA Casablanca. In 2010, Grouz left CVA to join Moroccan commercial real estate giant PETRA as Director General – a position that he will now vacate to return to CVA.

Over his two decades of experience, Grouz has accumulated expertise in the domains of strategy and management consulting for a variety of industries. As a result, his experience ranges from customer segmentation and price & distribution strategy to organisational alignment, cost-reduction, and even procurement.

In his new role, Grouz will fend for CVA in a market that is more competitive than ever. While the Big Four and other major players such as the Boston Consulting Group all have a presence in Casablanca, HR consultancy Mercer established a commercial and financial hub in the city late last year, which was followed by an entry into the city by French consulting firm Accuracy earlier this year.