Deloitte calls for disciplinary action against NAC officials

02 October 2018 2 min. read
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Based on the exposure of collusive behavior in its forensic investigation from June this year, global professional services firm Deloitte has recommended the disqualification of several officials and companies from the procurement proceedings of the Namibia Airports Company. 

Following irregularities emerging in the Namibia Airports Company’s (NAC) procurement reports, the company has been in a state of instability for over a year. Last year, the company took action through the suspension of three senior executives subject to further investigation.

The three officials suspended were Commercial Services Manager Toska Sem, Human Resources Manager Josephine Soroses, Finance & Administration Manager Verengai Ruswa and Human Resources Manager for Resourcing & Relations Albert Sibeya.

Now, following a forensic investigation of its own, Big Four accounting and advisory firm Deloitte has recommended the disqualification of another set of actors from the procurement process, which includes firms as well as individuals. The firm’s investigation examined irregularities beyond the procurement process as well.

Deloitte calls for disciplinary action against NAC officials

Among the companies listed by the firm are a number of consulting firms, including Excel Business Consultancy, Innovate Management Advisory, and Training & Consultancy Services DI Consulting. The individuals under question are Daniel Ndaningina – Senior Manager of Human Relations at MVA Funds – and Corlen Masunda, Owner of Excel Business Consultancy.

Allegations against Sibeya and Ndandinga are interconnected. As explained in the Deloitte report, “Mr Sibeya failed to comply with the PPA’s requirement that consultancy services were to be procured by means of the RFP procurement method and that all procurement was to be channeled through the PMU.”

The report continued, “In this instance, Mr Sibeya received all three quotations from Mr Daniel Ndaningina (Mr Ndaningina) who had an interest in at least two of the consultancies that provided quotations. The fact that Mr Ndaningina did not even attempt to hide his interests from Sibeya justifies the inference that Sibeya may have been aware of this.”

Similar accusations of collusion have been leveled against Masunda and Sem around the Strategic Plan Tender. Deloitte has called for disciplinary action at the very least against those named, in addition to criminal proceedings in some cases.