Consultants organise Team Namibia Lion Den for SME support

04 September 2019 2 min. read
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Team Namibia, a non-profit association of organisations that supports manufacturing in Namibia, has held a fundraiser for small and medium enterprises that operate out of Katutura. The association is chaired by Founder and Managing Director of Headway Consulting Jan Coetzee.

The event was called the Team Namibia Lion Den, and was organised at the Kubata City Hotel in Windhoek. 11 Namibian entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to present their ideas at the event, where the promising candidates would receive recognition, financing, mentoring, networking and a variety of other material support.

Each candidate had a total of five minutes to present their ideas, which could be in the form of an innovative product or service. The 11 entries were properly formalised and have consolidated their business strategies, which could now potentially receive a substantial boost.

The presentations included business plans and estimated revenue models, while attendees at the event offered advice on various aspects of their businesses. Candidates were assessed for innovation in a variety of different sectors, ranging from food & beverage to fashion design and customer service. 

Consultants organise Team Namibia Lion Den for SME support

Team Namibia Lion Den was funded by the Embassy of Finland, and was attended by nearly 50 dignitaries hailing from different embassies and high commissions, in addition to investors, public sector organisations and trust funds. Other attendees included consultants and financial services professionals.

Jan Coetzee, who is the Chairperson of Team Namibia, has previously reiterated the importance of innovation in the Namibian market. Namibia is among several economies across Africa that are looking to diversify and use innovation as their ticket to regional and global competitiveness.

“I believe that this project is running at the time when it is most needed. Many of you are faced with budget constraints. Can you then imagine how our small businesses strive to making ends meet? Believe me, every little bit of support counts,” said Coetzee when opening the event.

“I trust that your support and contributions will become an important milestone in each and every business presenting here today. I am confident that your presence here today also signifies your support to the activities of our organisation and hope that we can forge strategic partnerships and can continue to build on today’s activities,” he added.