PwC to contribute at HR Business Partner Conference in Winhoek

24 July 2019 2 min. read

Big Four accounting and advisory firm PwC is set to make a contribution at the 2019 Human Resources (HR) Business Partner Conference in Windhoek, Namibia. The event, which is set to take place over the 24th and 25th of July, will feature speeches from two senior executives at the professional services firm.

Participants at the conference have expressed the urgency for coordination amongst leaders in the HR sector, in order to bring about a shift in the priorities for businesses in Namibia. As disruption from all directions hits businesses in the country and across the continent, the instinct for many has been to scale back on costs and focus their investments.

This has generated an anxious atmosphere amongst employees, who fear that companies will cut back on their staff. Navigating this environment is amongst the primary items on the agenda for the conference, alongside a general exchange of ideas on how best to further develop the sector in the future.

PwC to contribute at HR Business Partner Conference in Winhoek

To this end, the seminar will feature a presentation of best cases and practices in various domains of HR, and will seek inspiration from HR success stories across the globe. Aspects to focus on will be the manner in which HR roles are executed in maintaining stability at successful firms.

As the Namibian economy develops in various aspects, and increasingly interacts with the international environment, experts have long stressed the importance of innovation in the country’s business environment. A complete overhaul of practices and priorities is required, according to business leaders in the country.

“There is a fear of job losses in the market and many companies opt for retrenchments. However, the focus should not be retrenching people. This conference will cover a range of topics on how to mitigate these times and much more,” explains Lisa Matomola, Manager of the People & Organisation division at PwC Namibia.

Matomola is among the speakers at the event, and will be joined by other leaders in the country’s HR space, including colleague Ndapewa Ganes, who is a Senior Manager at PwC Namiba’s People & Organisation division. Other speakers include Janko Kotze, who is an organisational psychologist, and the Director of Human Interest South Afirca.