Mastery Consulting to host The Entrepreneurs Summit in Nairobi this month

20 November 2018 2 min. read
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Nairobi-based Mastery Consulting is set to organise The Entrepreneurs Summit to be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel between the 21st and 22nd of November. The summit is regarded as the biggest gathering of business leaders from across the region of East Africa, facilitating comprehensive networking. 

In addition to the networking opportunity, the event is a means for successful entrepreneurs to celebrate and showcase their winning strategies, in addition to obtaining expert advice from their peers and larger organisations. The two-day event is aimed at fostering an environment of growth and innovation.

East Africa is a particularly lucrative economy compared to the rest of the continent, brought about by a high level of returns on investment and a low level of political and economic risk. Innovation has been the primary goal for Africa’s business environment recently, which makes East Africa a crucial place for entrepreneurial activity.

To this end, the event also features knowledge-sharing sessions on the typical factors to consider when starting an entrepreneurial venture, including economic considerations, barriers in terms of society and culture, as well as the overall regulatory and policy environment.

Mastery Consulting to host The Entrepreneurs Summit in Nairobi this month

The event features talks from some of the leaders in the East African business environment. Bitange Ndemo is among the prominent names on the list, having led the introduction of fibre connectivity in the Kenyan market, which has resulted in Kenya having the speediest internet on the continent.

Other prominent names include Kris Seranu, Managing Director at Telkom Kenya, and the former Managing Diretor at Access Kenya. Seranu’s presence at the summit is particularly important in light of his involvement as Chairman in venture capitalist fund Blackrock Capital.

The event is organised by Mastery Consulting, a Nairobi-based consulting firm that specialises in training and mentoring support in order to promote growth. Organising conferences and knowledge-sharing sessions are high up on the firm’s list of services, given their role in organisational growth.

Maxwell Kezengwa, the Mastery Consulting professional responsible for organising the event commented, “It all started as a coaching and mentoring venture, directed toward helping start-ups make it past the early stages of their business. As the training sessions grew, we saw the opportunity to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to network, market themselves and learn from success stories without having to reinvent the wheel. This is how TES was born.”