Phillips Consulting calls for multisectoral cooperation against Cancer

07 February 2019 2 min. read
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Drawing on the findings of a study it conducted, Nigerian management consultancy Phillips Consulting has urged policy makers, health professionals and NGOs alike to come together for multilateral cooperation to tackle the growing challenges surrounding Cancer in Nigerian society.

Fighting Cancer requires concerted efforts in a wide variety of domains, something that Phillips Consulting revealed in a study conducted last year, which enumerated the considerable socio-economic impact that Cancer has in the country. The study was based on responses obtained from patients, their families as well as medical staff.

The disease currently has a devastating impact on Nigerians, particularly as the Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme doesn’t cover treatment of Cancer of any kind. Such costs usually range anywhere between $2,00 to $10,000, which is a substantial portion of the average Nigerian income.

Phillips Consulting calls for multisectoral cooperation against Cancer

As a result, most patients in Nigeria are looking abroad for treatment that is not only more affordable but is also of higher quality than what is available in the country. Those who cannot afford to move their treatment abroad are appealing to the government for financial support.

Commenting on the scenario, Managin Consultant at Phillips Consulting Victor Mbah said, “Destinations such as The Middle East, India, Turkey, United States of America and Europe thrive on Nigerian medical tourists. Cancer patients spend astronomical amounts of money seeking treatment abroad, up to $60,000, excluding other associated financial costs such as visa fees, flight tickets, logistics, hotel accommodation and upkeep for the patient and their caregiver.”

“The high amount of capital flight suggests opportunities for investment along the value chain of cancer management in Nigeria. The PCL survey showed that Nigerian women and low-income earners were the most affected by cancer, but irrespective of one’s socioeconomic status, the emotional and financial burden of fighting cancer is excruciating,” he added.

Cancer is an increasingly pertinent issue in Nigerian society, and a number of firms are looking to raise awareness around the issue. Since changing its brand profile last year, Phillips Consulting has been increasingly active in the Nigerian market, not only in terms of research and insights but also in the form of training and education efforts for young entrepreneurs and businesses in the country.