Roberta Annan Capital Partners to help with Ghana Smart Cities project

20 February 2019 2 min. read

Ghana is set to embark on a $300 million Smart Cities project, which will establish digitally integrated urban centres across the country with digital access. Accra-based boutique investment and advisory firm Roberta Annan Capital Partners (RACP) is set to help with the project.

RACP will be joined by Celltell Networks and the Chinese government’s international cooperation company in the handling of the project – which is titled ArisCel – following the signing of an MoU by the three entities. The primary focus for the project at the moment is to establish a WiFi network across the country.

The network will require considerable infrastructure, which will be established in collaboration with the “local government institutions and other strategic and relevant government agencies.” A number of companies have been involved with the design and development of plans for the project for a prolonged period previously.

Roberta Annan Capital Partners to help with Ghana Smart Cities project

RACP and the other two entities have been among the firms busy on the project, in addition to Aristotle Incorporated, Hughes Corporation, Cisco representatives and Sylversys Consulting International. The three firms have now been shortlisted as the final set to work on the project.

Based in Accra, RACP is a management consultancy that facilitates cooperation between the public and private sectors, primarily by identifying potential areas of investment. The firm offers advice to investors in Ghana and across Africa, in addition to offering support with fundraising and business development.

Smart cities are increasingly a popular instrument of growth, not only in Africa but also in other developing countries across the globe. Ghana is a country renowned for its natural beauty, and has drawn a steady stream of tourism in recent years. Additionally, the country is currently a hotbed of economic growth.

The newly formed democracy represents a higher degree of political stability than in other regions across Africa, and is an ideal market for the development of smart cities. The firms involved will also have a presence in the smart cities, with Celltel already booking four floors in a new office building.