APO Group selected as Official Newswire for One Planet Summit in Kenya

22 March 2019 Consultancy.africa

Media relations consultancy APO Group has been tasked with publicity and information dissemination for the One Planet Summit that was held in Nairobi earlier this month. The event consists of interactive seminars that aim at promoting sustainable practices across Africa’s financial environment.

As development projects pick up momentum across Africa, sustainability has increasingly come to fore as an issue as countries look to ensure that advancement in their infrastructure comes at the lowest environmental cost possible. The One Planet Summit was organised with the intention of publicising this debate.

The high-profile summit was attended by officials of the highest level, including French President Emmanuel Macron and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who both co-chaired the event. The summit also featured a speech from the President of the African Development Bank Akinwumi Adesina.

APO Group selected as Official Newswire for One Planet Summit in Kenya

Given the significance of the issue at hand, the responsibility of publicising the event is a heavy one, and has been bestowed on media relations consultancy APO Group. Africa is one of the firm’s key markets of operation alongside the Middle East, which gives the firm a strong foundation in the region.

The firm has been appointed as the event’s “Official Newswire,” which entails the responsibility of distributing all news and press releases pertaining to the event across Africa. APO Group has more than 250,000 media contacts combined in the print and online domain, which is a strong network to leverage for publicity.

Last year, the firm developed a tool for the distribution and monitoring of press releases, which will play perfectly into its requirements for One Planet. The firm has already been responsible for publicity at a number of key pan-African events over the last year, including the Rugby Africa Gold Cup 2018.

Commenting on the project, newly appointed CEO of the group Lionel Reina said, “We are thrilled to be selected as the Official Newswire of the One Planet Summit. Our appointment is recognition of our unique position within media relations - bridging the gap between prestigious organizations and their target audiences. Whenever the eyes of the world are on Africa, we are privileged to be able to help ignite the debate and drive engagement across the continent.”

Nigerian HR consultancy holds workshop for awareness on sustainable practices

18 April 2019 Consultancy.africa

In order to promote awareness surrounding the sustainability of economic practices in Nigeria, organisation transformation and HR management consultancy Renner & Renner Consulting has held a workshop in collaboration with the Department of Petroleum & Resources.

The focus of the workshop was to familiarise firms and executives with the latest reports on the energy outlook in Nigeria and around the world, and their status with respect to the Paris Climate Agreement stipulations on developmental projects. The workshop is targeted at firms working in the oil & gas domain.

The stipulations, which are clubbed under the Development Guidelines and Standards on Carbon Emission Reduction Monetisation for Oil & Gas Projects, provide an environmental framework within which to conduct oil & gas projects. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with government officials at Southern Hotels in lagos.

Nigerian HR consultancy holds workshop for awareness on sustainable practices

A number of major dignitaries attended the event, including Project Director at Renner & Renner Ibby Iyama and Jennis Anyanwu who represented the delegation from the Department of Petroleum & Resources. Other guests at the event were Yomi Ayodeji, Joseph Muds and Eugene Itua.

Iyama set the agenda for the meeting, asking for cooperation from the Department of Petroleum & Resources to help control the rapid increase in the carbon generation from gas flaring practices across the country. She suggested that the reduction of carbon should be taken up on a project basis.

Provided that these projects were conducted with diligence, Iyama has expressed her belief in their capacity to support clean energy generation across Nigeria. She lauded the Department of Petroleum & Resources for their work in the domain of clean energy thus far, and urged representatives from the agency to mobilise cooperation.

Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa, and is among those countries that is heavily dependent on the trade of oil & gas for its GDP. As a result, the economy’s gradual recovery from the global dip in oil prices has been accompanied by an increase in the intensity of work in the oil & gas sector.