Deloitte contributes insights at Ghana Youth Entrepreneurship Convention

04 April 2019 2 min. read
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Big Four accounting and advisory firm Deloitte has participated in the Ghana Youth Entrepreneurship Convention that was held in Accra last month. In keeping with global trends,the event was based on the theme “Bolstering Business Skills for the 21st Century Entrepreneur." 

As Ghana accelerates towards the position of a key financial centre in West Africa, the country is looking to build on its newfound political stability and economic growth to foster the future business environment in the country. As a result, a number of concerted efforts are being made by the public and the private sectors to foster youth entrepreneurship.

In 2017, Dutch Consultancy The Next Organisation launched the Ghana Business Star Growth Program with the primary objective of recognising and training promising entrepreneurial ventures in the country. The programme is designed to give both theoretical and practical business knowledge, as well as opportunities for networking.

Deloitte contributes insights at Ghana Youth Entrepreneurship Convention

The Ghana Youth Entrepreneurship Convention held at the British Council in Accra this year offered similar opportunities to its attendees, with a specific focus on developing skills in the digital domain. Much like the rest of the world, the wave of digitalisation is sweeping across Africa’s business environment, and firms are working to keep pace with the changes.

Much of the analysis around digitalisation has been suggesting that developing skills in the digital domain is among the most crucial strategies for an organisation’s survival in the new environment. Leaders from Ghana’s government and private sectors congregated at the event to facilitate this strategy amongst the youth.

The event has a dual objective, including the development of a tech savvy workforce for Ghana’s future, as well as the development of skills to tackle the growing menace of unemployment in the country. Big Four accounting and advisory firm Deloitte was amongst the participants in the event.

Commenting on the event, Solomon Adjei, Founder of the Ghana Youth Business Network Fundation said, “The Convention aims to build the capacities of young entrepreneurs to ensure they can provide stable jobs, complementing the government’s efforts to curb the perennial youth un-and-under employment facing the nation of Ghana.”