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BCG is increasing its presence in Africa, and we need strong talent to help us achieve our ambitious goals of successfully partnering with clients on the continent.

We now have four offices (in Casablanca, Johannesburg, Lagos, and Luanda), seven research centers, and many consultants from different nationalities and backgrounds on the ground in Africa, and our recent work has covered more than 30 countries across the continent. We are seeking a diverse group of individuals as we build, connect, and grow in Africa.

Some candidates may want to start their careers in Africa; if this is your situation, we encourage you to apply directly. For candidates who would like to spend some time outside Africa before moving to the continent, the Africa Talent Program (ATP) may meet your personal and professional goals.

ATP offers exceptional candidates with strong ties to or interests in Africa an opportunity to spend one to two years at one of our offices in the US or Europe before joining one of our Africa offices. Our tailored affiliation program will ensure that ATP participants enjoy benefits such as mentorship, Africa updates, support, and case experience to position them for a successful transition. It is important to note that work authorization restrictions (where applicable) and business needs will dictate length of stay in a host office outside Africa.

Applying to ATP

If this unique opportunity interests you: 

  • Follow your regular school process and apply here. If you would like to be considered for ATP and have not yet completed your BCG application, your top two choices should be your office preferences in the US or Europe and your last selection should be your Africa office preference.
  • In addition to your BCG application, you need to fill out the ATP interest form here. Note that you can fill out the interest form before filling out your application.

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