PwC beats McKinsey and Roland Berger to win study in Morocco

15 December 2017 2 min. read

Morocco’s Ministry of Economy and Finance has selected PwC to support a study on how the ministry could improve its efficiency. The Big Four firm beat several competitors in the bidding process, including Mazars, McKinsey and Roland Berger.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance in Morocco oversees most monetary issues in the country such as political funding and external financing. In addition, the ministry supervises any state participation in economic activity, including public sector companies, and contributes to the framework for their privatisation.

In recent times, the ministry has been struggling with inefficiency, which has prompted calls for restructuring efforts. To this end, the ministry put out a call to the consulting industry for proposals to optimise and restructure the organisation. Bids for the project came in droves, including from major players such as Roland BergerMcKinsey & Company, and Mazars.

Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance hires PwC for optimisation of administrative functions.

Now, the ministry has announced that the lucrative project, with an estimated reward of up 7 million dirhams, has been awarded to Big Four professional services firm PwC. According to the commission in charge of the project, the selection was made based on the fact that the tender submitted by PwC was the most cost-effective compared to those from other major consulting firms.

In essence, the project will focus on the optimisation of administrative functions within the ministry. Specifically, the emphasis for the project lies in the economic dimension of the departmental procedures, which would involve the clear establishment of financial and budgetary frameworks, and the alignment as well as the harmonisation of the entire department around them.

The new and improved organisation is hoped to take into account the changes involved in advanced regionalisation, and operate synergistically within departments. The timing of the reorganisation strategically aligns with the imminent economic roadmap that the ministry is due to release for the 2017- 2021 period. The decision to appoint PwC was overseen by Minister for Economy and Finance, Mohammed Boussaid.