How Nigeria's PR landscape is evolving in the digital era

10 January 2020 2 min. read

The public relations (PR) sector in Nigeria still has some way to go in terms of digital advancement and innovation, according to Adebola Williams, who spoke to Punch. Going forth, he expects youth engagement to play a central role in shaping the PR sector and the Nigerian economy as a whole.

PR as a profession has come into sharp focus in Nigeria in recent years, as economic growth has driven up competitiveness in the market. Experts and practitioners alike have been engaged in growing the PR space through training and research on the best way forward for the profession.

According to Williams, PR is likely to be driven by similar factors as most sectors at present, namely digitalisation and shifting consumer preferences. RED Media Africa is a PR and customer experience consultancy that supports its clients with customer engagement through a variety of techniques.

These include specific functions such as legacy branding, market reconnaissance and comprehensive consumer mobilisation, among others. Williams predicts that all these functions have the potential to growth in the face of digitalisation.


How Nigeria's PR landscape is evolving in the digital era

“The digital revolution will continue, especially in emphasising how PR professionals can adopt digital technology in improving their services. We are yet to fully explore the opportunities in several social media apps such as Snapchat, Tiktok, even Facebook,” he said. 

On the subject of social media, Williams also commented on the shifting means and methods of engagement in the contemporary market. Youth has become the driving force of many a social and economic phenomena, and success is dependent to a large extent on engagement with this segment.

Williams stressed that RED Media Africa is engaged in developing these capabilities. “Being on top of youth issues in a continent with a median age of 18 keeps us at the top, middle, and edge of the culture. What people see is the convergence and the convening power, which is the heavy lifting that we do that pulls in clients, partners, and attracts acclaim,” he said.

As the overall PR space looks to evolve, a number of industry leaders are being recognised for excellence in PR practice. In late December, for instance, Lagos-based media and communications consultancy Black House Media was given the award for Best Innovation in PR Practice by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.