PRCAN arranges training programme for senior PR professionals in Nigeria

05 February 2019 2 min. read

With the objective of equipping budding professionals in Nigeria with the skills and expertise required to run a public relations firm, the Public Relations Consultant Association of Nigeria (PRCAN) has completed its preparations for its annual capacity building workshop known as PRCAN Masterclass.

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, and the country’s large and relatively young population create conducive conditions for substantial economic growth in the future as well. A number of organisations in the country are currently working to ensure that the entrepreneurs in the country are well supported in terms of expertise and know-how.

The Institute of Management Consultants in Nigeria trained 35 consultants in various domains of consulting, allowing them to elevate their professional status. PRCAN has been training young public relations professionals on an annual basis for over 16 years now.

PRCAN arranges training programme for senior PR professionals in Nigeria

The organisation has now announced that the plans have been completed for the 17th edition of PRCAN Masterclass, which will be held on the 7th of February this year in Lagos. The event is centred around a training session, which is due to introduce professionals to “Effective Presentation Skills.”

The target audience for the session consists primarily of PR professionals that operate at senior levels in various organisations across the country, particularly those in charge of managing the PR operations for their firms and Integrated Marketing Comunications agencies.

The event features speeches from a number of illustrious PR professionals, including Jaye Opayemi – Chief Strategist at Chain Reactions Nigeria – and Bolaji Okusaga, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Precise Platforms. Kenneth Esere from the School of Media and Communications will also speak at the event, providing an academic perspective.

Commenting on the event, President at PRCAN John Ehiguese said, “One major challenge with the public relations industry in Nigeria today is capacity. The profession suffers from an inadequacy of well trained professionals who will enable it grow at the rate that it should and bring it up to speed with what obtains in other parts of the world. PRCAN will continue to focus on its core objective of capacity building by organising training programmes to help improve the level of skills and competences in the industry at large.”